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  • Gender: female
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Language: English, French
  • Nationality: United States
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • Measurements: 96-62-94
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Short description

Magnificent Madison is a naturally submissive girl who is also a bisexual

Bisexual Girl In Las Vegas

She enjoys a clothing-optional lifestyle and is still very flexible from her days in gymnastics. To stay in shape these days, she likes to take very long power walks. She is happiest when she is exploring the city, the outdoors, and everything in between.

“I know that a lot of girls will pay lip service to being bisexual,” Madison admits. “I think that’s kind of a ploy sometimes. Women know that every man has this fantasy of seeing two beautiful women together, and the reality isn’t always up to the fantasy. But I am a sexy, gorgeous girl who loves to be with men, and I also recognize the beauty of a soft, sensuous woman. I don’t see how any woman couldn’t. I mean, we’re all pretty catty, when you come down it, us girls. We like to judge each other, and we evaluate each other, so when we see another woman who is very attractive, it isn’t uncommon for us to be jealous. Well, to be jealous like that requires that you recognize just how beautiful a woman is, and if you can see beauty, you can desire it. When I see a beautiful woman, my first thought isn’t how to be competitive with her. It’s to wonder how I might be able to talk that sexy girl into bed with me. And if we just happen to bring along some lucky guy for the fun, then so much the better.”

Madison goes on to explain what she likes about both women and men. “I definitely don’t want to have to choose between the two,” she says. “I love both men and women equally, and being with both at the same time is that much more fun and exciting. Even being with one or the other has its charms, its advantages and disadvantages. When I stop to think about it, I realize just how much I don’t ever want to have to choose between the two.”

Madison goes on, “Men are so strong and hard and powerful. There’s a strength that radiates from them. They are just everything that maleness should be, when you find a good one. There’s nothing like the feeling when a man pulls you close, when he folds you into his arms, when he reaches up and maybe even pulls your hair and makes you his. I love to feel a man just grabbing me and controlling me like that. I suppose that’s why I’m naturally submissive, although you shouldn’t think that means I’ll just accept anything and everything. I’m still my own person. I still want to have a say. It’s just that I like a man who knows what he wants, and who can tell me that and communicate it to me. There’s something just very sexy about a man who is confident and strong. Yet I know that this isn’t natural for every man, and men sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to developing their confidence. When I get the opportunity to do that, I am always happy to. It means I am turning that man into an even better friend, lover, and boyfriend. I am giving him the opportunity to be the person he deserves to be.”

Of women, Madison has equally strong feelings. “I love the sensual, soft touch of a woman,” she says. “A woman’s full lips on yours are just so electric. There is nothing else like that, and when a woman’s body is pressed closed to mine, and I’m feeling her curves, it’s wonderful because she’s so familiar and yet so forbidden and alien at the same time. When I’m with a woman, there’s always this sense that something about it is taboo, like I shouldn’t be doing it. So when a man watches us together, that’s even better. It’s even hotter and sexier because now we have an audience, and that audience can really appreciate the show we’re putting on. These are just how I run my personal relationships. I guess you could say I’m a very sensual person myself. I think that’s a good thing, and if everyone was as honest with themselves as I am about what they want, we would all be better off as people. It’s a crazy world out there and you should never deny yourself some pleasure.”

Madison goes on, “Denying yourself is this sick plague in the world. We’re always telling ourselves that saying no to ourselves is a good thing. We think of it as noble. But why is that true? Is it? I don’t think it is. I don’t see what’s so noble about denying yourself, and then leaving this earth unfulfilled. You should grab for what you want and take it all.”

Madison is all about fulfillment. “Every person has fantasies,” she says. “Every man who comes to us, he’s probably had some fantasies he’s been working on his whole life. Maybe he’s gone for years not getting what he wants, always putting off his own desires, always denying and suppressing what he fantasizes about. Finally, when he books my time, he gets to live out all his inner desires. Every man wants to feel catered to. Every man wants to feel special. That’s what I do for you. That’s the value I bring to the table. I’m the best there is.”

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The problem is that internet dating sites are often inadequate and frequently disappointing. Supposedly, the average internet dating site will glean copious information from you and then use that information to match you to a female member. Then it will be up to you to contact these women, strike up conversations with them, and try to find some kind of connection out there in the real world, with the whole interaction eventually resulting in you finding someone you can spend time with and be happy with. That sounds great, doesn’t it? The problem is, it seldom works that way.

Internet dating is actually a lot more expensive than you’ve been led to think, for example. You have to pay for a paid membership at most Internet dating sites if you want any chance at all of meeting someone. The sites engage in a number of different tricks and tactics to keep you paying. Some of them make it so that you can’t access your messages unless you have paid. Others restrict the number and type of members you can contact unless you have a paid membership. And some of these same sites will generate messages to your account that make you think you’ve been contacted by someone, so that you’ll pay to be able to access these messages. The problem of deception like this is actually pretty extensive, and has been the topic of several news articles. That’s because at least one such Internet dating site was using electronic programs to fool its members into thinking female members were talking to them and flirting with them. Most of the female members of the site were completely fake, and the men who were on the site were being duped into thinking they had any chance of meeting a woman. The whole business of making them believe women were contacting them was just done to keep them paying for memberships, which added up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars over time.

But let’s back up. One of the bigger problems with Internet dating is that all that information is out there once you enter it. These personal details are significant all by themselves. Often, it’s information that you wouldn’t want to get out, and it’s information that might even embarrass you if anyone found out about it. But these Internet dating sites expect you to list the most intimate details of yourself, your life, your preferences, and your fantasies, all in the name of matching you up with someone who will supposedly be “compatible” with you. But that means all of that information, as well as your financial data like your credit card, can be accessed by anyone who can get into that database. This is exactly what happened to one infamous “affair site,” for example. When the site was hacked, the entire site turned out to be a scam. It was ripping off millions of people. When hackers got into the site’s database, they found out not only all this incriminating information about the site’s users, but also discovered that the site wasn’t performing the security service it claimed to be performing for the extra fee. So after failing to blackmail the site management, the hackers posted ten gigabytes of users’ personal information on the Internet, and things went crazy from there.

In the weeks that followed, divorce attorneys started sharpening their legal knives. Several famous people were revealed as members. One famous person tried to claim that the account was only for “research.” Several people claimed that their email addresses were being used fraudulently. Certainly there were plenty of “joke” accounts, too, as people could sign up with whatever information they wanted to use. And all of that sensitive data resulted in at least a couple of suicides because people’s lives were ruined when their intimate secrets were revealed. This was all in the name of Internet dating. It simply didn’t work out for those people whose data was hacked and compromised.

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