These Have Three Times the Sugar of a Can of Coke!

Processed foods are definitely the culprit, as well as the high sodium content in a lot of what we eat. But the sugar content of our diets is also of major concern. Consuming too much sugar makes us fat and can increase the risks of various other health problems, such as diabetes and even heart disease. Now, a new study from the UK has found that there are some drinks we consume that have three times the sugar of a can of Coke… which means that if your girl is drinking them, her sexy figure is in real danger!The study found that drinks like the big Cafe Mochas you can get at Starbucks, or their Hot Chocolate and other beverages, have massive amounts of sugar in them, perhaps as much as nearly 20 teaspoons of sugar. Supposedly, Starbucks is reducing the amounts of sugar in its drinks and introducing sugar-free options, but these drinks that Americans are sucking down with glee are calorie-bombs that have way more sugar in them than a can of soda.Why is all of this important? It’s important because a woman’s value is found in how attractive she is. As much as many women don’t want to admit it, if they get fat and unattractive, their value as women decreases. This is just a biological and evolutionary fact. A man is a very visual creature, and he is turned on by sexy bodies that are taut, toned, and fit. On some evolutionary, genetic level, this is because men are looking for a good means to pass on their genetic heritage. This means very attractive, healthy women speak to men on that genetic level. They cannot change that. They cannot find someone attractive who isn’t, and you can’t “unlearn” what you find sexy when you are a man. Much like your sexuality is just what it is when you are born, what you find sexy is just what you find sexy.So why does this matter? It matters because women are increasingly pushing a narrative that they get to be sexy even if they are not. Sports Illustrated recently came out with a new swimsuit issue that features multiple covers. One of those covers is of a “plus size model.” While she has kind of a nice face, this “plus size model” is a very fat, unhealthy, unsexy woman. She’s not attractive even though multiple media outlets are raving about her “curves” and talking about how incredible and “brave” she is. But this woman is not brave. Brave is making the commitment to put down the Starbucks drinks and get in good shape. Brave is sacrificing and working hard to be a sexy woman. Brave is knowing that you are less valuable as a person if let yourself become fat, unattractive, and ugly.Men do not get this type of acceptance in society. If they suck down too many Starbucks coffees and get fat, they are told they do not deserve to be with attractive women. They are told that until they take pride in themselves, they will be alone and celibate, or settling for much less attractive girls.Leave this double standard behind! Stop dealing with women who believe they are sexy or should be treated as if they are sexy when they actually are not. Instead, book the time of one of our gorgeous professional entertainers. Introduce real feminine quality into your life!