Is It Time to Starve Your Grumpy Cat?

Ehile Grumpy Cat isn’t actually grumpy (at least, no more so than any cat), it’s true that most cats typically become somewhat less than interested in their owners over time. Dogs are known for their loyalty and their affection, whereas cats can pretty much take or leave you. So does this mean that it’s time to starve your cat?No, it’s not what you’re thinking. A new study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior claims that if you put your cat on a diet, the cat will become more affectionate. The fact is, most pet owners overfeed their cats, which is why cats tend to get fatter and fatter as they get older. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine looked at nearly 50 fat cats and put them on different diets. They also asked the owners about the cats’ behavior at home.A cat is considered too fat if he’s a quarter or more bigger than his ideal weight. For years, the percentage of fat cats in the United States has been climbing, much as the percentage of fat Americans has been climbing. It was estimated just a few years ago that 35 percent of American housecats was overweight. Fast forward to just two years ago, and the percentage had climbed to almost 60 percent. Just like people who have packed on extra pounds, cats who are too heavy are at risk for developing a variety of health problems. These include arthritis, heart disease, skin problems, and even feline diabetes.The Cornell study showed that by restricting the cat’s intake of food, most of them lost weight. While the cats begged for food, they did not do it any longer than they might already have when asking for food on their previous diets. And once they started losing weight, their behavior became more affectionate toward their owners. They were nicer to be around and they were friendlier, in other words.There’s a parallel when it comes to women and dating. Women are frequently associated with cats, just as men are associated with dogs. And a woman who keeps her weight under control, who does a good job of looking after her health, will be much better off mentally as well as physically. She will be calmer, more confident, and friendlier, because she is more secure in herself. A woman who is very insecure will always be quicker to take offense than a woman who is secure in herself and her looks. And a person who is in good health will just generally have better mental health overall, and be on a more even keel.Unfortunately, society conspires to make things worse by teaching women that they are “beautiful at any size.” They’re taught that they can be fat and still be attractive, which isn’t true. Men are not going to start thinking fat women are sexy just because society tells them to think so. And women who are frustrated they are too fat but not being seen as sexy are always nastier to men. There’s a definite parallel.Tired of that cycle of abuse? You can get off that carousel and start having fun on your own terms. Enjoy the company of truly beautiful women when you book one of our professional escorts. Our lovely ladies will show you a good time… and they know how to take care of themselves as well as how to be friendly. Meet your sexy Vegas escort tonight. Meow!