She’s Probably Just Having A Salad

A lot of guys find that they gain weight once they’re with someone because they eat more regularly and always have food in the house. Women, quite frankly, like to live in circumstances that are a little more comfortable than the average bachelor seems okay with. But what if there is another reason that men who are in relationships eat more than men who are not? What if there’s some kind of scientific or biological reason for it?
A new study conducted by behavioral scientists in the United States has determined that men eat more, and maybe even over-eat, if they are eating in the presence of females. “The study took place at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet where researchers observed various tables and collected data from restaurant patrons,” reads the report. “Researchers found that men who dined with at least one woman present at their table ate 93 percent more than those who did not.” The researchers found that men ate “disproportionately” and even overate or felt hurried when eating when in the presence of men. Men who ate with women to keep them company were more like to get more food, but they also, for some reason, made healthier choices, such as having a salad. This was true fully 86 percent of the time, which is an overwhelming figure in terms of statistics.

“Men dining with women, on average, ate three slices of pizza and five bowls of salad,” reads the report. “Men who dined with just their male peers ate much less. They ate three bowls of salad and 1.5 slices of pizza less than previously mentioned. Meanwhile, women who dined with other women ate more salad than pizza in comparison to when they dined with men, which is when pizza was more likely to be chosen.”

The researchers attributed the results of the study to what they called subconscious social posturing. In other words, men would eat to excess when in the presence of women as a kind of subconscious demonstration of their physical ability. This goes back to evolutionary psychology, which seems to inform so much of what happens between the sexes when they interact. Down the through the years, extending from ancient times, women have always been programmed to seek out the physically superior male and to see him as desirable because genetically he provides a better opportunity for her to be provided for. Women have always sought the protection of larger, stronger, capable males, and the more capable they perceive a man to be, the more valuable they will believe him to be. This is why confident, self-assured men always do so well with the ladies. They are perceived as being more strong and thus better providers. And something about a man who can really pack away his food apparently signals, at least subconsciously, that he is stronger and more able. He is trying to impress her with how much he can eat, even if he is not thinking about it out loud.

There’s some theory behind this idea of posturing socially through over-eating. It’s been said that one of the reasons we think smoking looks “cool” is because, even though we know smoking is dangerous for us, we subconsciously think someone is cool if they can repeatedly hurt themselves and continue functioning. It’s like a “feat of strength.” A man who lights a match on his own face is telling you something: he’s saying he’s a tough guy. Well, on a subconscious level, a man who overeats and continues to function is telling you that he is tough and capable, physically strong enough to overeat and still be okay. Risky or unhealthy behaviors like that can be interpreted as a way of posturing for others to show them how strong or tough you are, and while there is some debate about the validity of that interpretation when it comes to overeating in front of women (one researcher called that interpretation a bit of a stretch), it seems likely that this is the case. The study itself was limited, more or less, and did not take into context what types of meals were being eaten. This is important because we all tend to eat more when eating lunch out than we might when having, say, a business dinner, and this contrasts with what you might or might not eat on a first date as opposed to many dates into a relationship.

The upshot seems to be that some people become somewhat excitable in the presence of the opposite sex. This has important implications because it might mean that people need to learn to be a little more restrained when they go out on dates. If you regularly go out and date, or you eat in the presence of your girlfriend or spouse, you need to be careful that you don’t subconsciously overeat and keep an eye on your health. All of the conventional experts say that you should be making healthier choices when deciding on your diet.

So what is it about women that makes men want to posture in the first place? Is it all just evolutionary psychology, going back to the day and age when men had to perform feats of physical strength to impress women? Or is it something more? And if you could be more attractive to women, wouldn’t you want to be? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to make yourself the kind of man who is in demand with women, who commands their attention and who is considered sexy and desirable by them? Well, there is a way that you can do that… and also get the enjoyment of being with sexy ladies as much as you want. All men desire the company of beautiful women. It’s something that speaks to our most innate desires. We were just talking about how our evolutionary makeup is driven by things that stem from ancient times. Well, the things that we find subconsciously sexy are very much built on those genetic indicators, those evolutionary developments. Down through the ages, certain realities have persisted in humankind and among human relationships. One of those realities is that women perform an evaluation of men when they see them. This evaluation may happen on a completely subconscious level, but it happens each and every time a woman sees a man.

You see, when a woman meets a man, she immediately appraises him. She may not know that she’s doing it, but she does. This same process is mirrored in the mind of a man when he sees a woman, of course. Every man, when seeing a woman for the first time, will examine her, even on a subconscious level, and decide whether he thinks she is attractive or not. If he thinks she is attractive, it goes without saying (because he is a guy) that he would sleep with her if the opportunity arose. That is how men are. That is how they are wired and there’s very little that can be done to change that, no matter how socially unacceptable it might be to complain about the propriety of such feelings. A man who evaluates a woman for her sexual attractiveness does so almost instantly. Either he finds her attractive or he does not. There may even be days when he finds here more attractive than others. This could be something as simple as her wearing clothes he finds more compelling, or changing her hairstyle. It could also have to do with when she is ovulating, as human beings can perceive certain pheromones and find the opposite sex more attractive at certain times (such as during ovulation in women).

When a woman appraises a man, the decision and the judgment are a little different. A man will make the judgment call, “Yes, I would sleep with her if I had the opportunity to do so.” A woman, on the other hand, is more selective. Women have always been the gatekeepers of sexual activity and they will naturally be more selective who they do and do not sleep with. This has roots in evolutionary psychology, like so much of human behavior. It is said that men are “dogs” because they will sleep with whomever, whenever, typically. Some men have different moral character than others, but on the whole, this is true. This is why very rich, very powerful men, such as Tiger Woods, will end up racking up an impressive list of beautiful, sexy women they have slept with. It’s not that they want to hurt the ones they love. It’s that they are biologically driven to find sex with multiple partners a compelling desire. The reason for this, in men, is as simple as propagation and survival the species on a genetic level. In ancient times, a man had to have sex with many different women, or get the same woman pregnant many time, if he was going to have any hope of passing on his genetic material. In a day an age when there was no medical care, pregnancy frequently ended in complications or death. The average human life expectancy was not very long at all, and few were the human beings who made it into old age.

To pass on his genetic heritage, therefore, a man had to have multiple offspring because most of them would not survive long enough to procreate themselves. This was a sad reality of life in ancient times, before technology changed everything. So men could be said to be biologically driven to plant their seed with as many willing participants as possible. Each and every pregnancy represents an opportunity to pass along their genetic heritage to their offspring, and each one of those offspring increases the chance that he or she will eventually reproduce with yet another person, passing along the genetic heritage (halved, at least) yet again. Our innate survival instincts push us to want to do this. It’s part of what makes us human beings. It’s why men find so many women sexually attractive. We are visually stimulated creatures; we see sexy women, we respond to their sexual cues, and we desire to make love to them. On some base level this is simply lust and sexual desire, as sex is one of those “primary needs” that is an end and goal unto itself. But on another level it’s all about propagating your own genetic legacy, even if you only understand this on the most subconscious of levels.

Now take women. Women are limited in the number of offspring they can have, and were especially limited thousands of years ago. A woman can only have one child every nine months, if we don’t take twins into account. Carrying any man’s baby represents an enormous investment of time and effort to bring that child to term, at which time the mother undergoes the life-threatening risk of birthing the child. If she survives, she may or may not have time (again, in the context of the short life spans of ancient people) to have another child, and each time she has another child, she is risking dying. It is no wonder, then, that women are much more selective when choosing their sexual partners than men are. For men, it’s a numbers game where time and spread are on their side: The more women they impregnate, the better their chances of passing on their genes. But with women, they can’t afford to have sex with just anybody, because just once could be enough to leave them with child. Rather than raise a potentially inferior offspring, they will naturally choose the superior mate if they can find one from among the available alternatives.

Women are naturally greedy. By this we mean that all women, on some level, are “gold diggers.” They were programmed by their genetic heritage to feel that way. A woman always subconsciously seeks out a man who can provide for her and take care of her. Her body, and her genetics, knows that when she is pregnant she will be helpless. She needs a mate who will be able to provide for her. In modern day times that means all women, on some level, want a man who has high value. That usually means a man with money, but it doesn’t always have to mean money. It might just mean value in some other capacity, in the way that most women will at least be willing to sleep with an exceptionally attractive man even if he isn’t wealthy. Still, very few women will choose to marry a penniless supermodel. They know that if they can get a man that handsome, they can get a man that handsome who has money. On some level, women are always looking to trade up. They always want to find a man who has more resources that can be devoted to taking care of them. Why do you think diamond engagement rings are such a hot item? And why do diamond companies claim you should spend “two months’ salary” on an engagement ring? It’s because the ring symbolizes money and value. It symbolizes what the woman can expect the man to bring to the table, resource-wise.

Now, again, all this happens on some subconscious level. Ask any woman today why she chose the boyfriend she did and it’s unlikely she’ll tell you about the investment in her genetic legacy. We have better medical care now, too, so a woman has more chances to actually have children. Still, nine months per child, during part of which she is helpless and dependent on her man, is a lot to ask of any woman, so she will naturally say no to many potential sexual partners in her quest to find the right one. An her genetic preprogramming to look for that best mate is one of the reasons hiring escorts is so helpful to you. Don’t understand? Don’t worry, we’ll explain. And by the time we’re done, you’ll be convinced that the only thing standing between you and becoming the smooth operator of your dreams is being seen with enough really sexy, attractive women. So why is that? We will explain.

Women are naturally competitive. They are also very insecure. Why do you think those silly television shows, where multiple hot women argue over who will get to “marry” a single handsome guy, are so popular, especially with female viewers? And why would all those women fight over just one guy when there are plenty of eligible guys out there? It’s because women, in their insecurity, will always compete to see who is more desirable. When a man walks into the room on the arm of an exceptionally sexy lady, all the women in the room will become instantly jealous. They will assume that man has some intrinsic value, even if they can’t see it. The reasoning goes like this: If he was able to attract a woman that sexy, he must have some qualities that make him desirable and valuable. Therefore he is a high-value man. Of course, it may just be that the man is perceived as being more valuable than he would be without that sexy girl by his side… but that’s kind of the point. The more you are seen with lovely ladies, the higher your value will be estimated simply by proximity. Another way to put that is that the more time you spend around beautiful, sexy women, the more other women who see you will assume you are the kind of person who regularly spends time in that kind of company. If that’s so, they will assume, you must have qualities that make you worthy of living in such rarefied air. As a result you will be well positioned to impress women no matter who you are, no matter how you look, and no matter what your actual finances might be.

This is also one of the reasons that hiring a Vegas escort is such a refreshing change from traditional dating. Unlike when you go out on an old-fashioned date with a non-professional woman, your date with your Vegas escort is a financial arrangement. You are paying for her time when you book her. She is there for you, to focus on you and give you a great time. There is nothing else between the two of you and there are no other expectations. This means you know precisely where you stand with her. You know exactly what is expected of you, and she knows exactly what you expect of her. This frees you from all the hassle of traditional dating while also making everything simpler. There are no hidden agendas. Your young lady friend isn’t trying to size you up to see what she can get from you. She isn’t digging for gold in your yard, so to speak. She already knows what she is getting from you and it is exactly what the two of you have agreed to exchange. This isn’t just a fair and equitable way to secure female companionship when you long for the company of a beautiful woman. It’s also a great way for you to reduce the stress in your life.

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