Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help you save time. Why spend time asking questions when you can spend time looking at our girls and planning your evening entertainment!

Q. How does this service work?

A. First it is important to read our terms of service so that you understand the policy and terms of service completely before engaging our service then you visit the website and read about our escorts and look at the pictures of our girls and then you choose the one you wish to spend time with.

It sounds like a simple process, and of course it is, but there’s a lot at play here when you choose a beautiful, fun girl to make your night. We want you first to understand the terms so that we can do business with you and everybody stays happy. We don’t want to mislead you, any more than you want to be misled, and we don’t want you to have any misconceptions or expectations that don’t line up with reality. That’s why we try very hard to give you as much information as possible from the start of the process.

Understand, too, that when you book one of our beautiful, professional escorts, you are not arranging for sex. We are a legal escort service, not a brothel. What we do is cut out the red tape and put you in touch with a beautiful, professional woman, or women, who will spend time with you on your terms. Whatever then develops between the two of you is entirely up to you. We think you’ll find that it’s much more cost effective to book a Las Vegas escort than it is to engage in the elaborate drama of more conventional, more traditional dating. When you think about it, it may actually be much more efficient to book one of our lovely ladies, because all of the time, effort, and money that you invest in conventional dating adds up to quite a bit more. Booking a Las Vegas escort cuts right to the chase, to the best part at the end of the conventional dating chain of events. You can just step out with the lovely lady of your choice, rather than first trying to cultivate a relationship, gain her trust and respect, get her to go out with you, and then get her to go out with you again. The best part is that you’re not in a relationship at all, which means you don’t have to worry about getting wrapped up in any drama that you don’t want. Unlike when you date a non-professional lady, dating a Las Vegas escort means you can spend time with her on your own terms and then deal with nothing more beyond that. This is the service that we provide, and one of the reasons our clients value us so much.

Q. Is there a special cost if I want to purchase the services of an escort for an entire evening or is the hourly rate just multiplied by the number of hours that I request?

A. The rates for the girls are listed with their bios.

We think you’ll find our rates are very affordable, and while our girls are certainly happy to make you happy in any way that they can, please understand that their rates are set for them by us at VegasFantasyBabes. We ask that you abide by the terms of the agreement set in place before you agree to your date. Your payment information will of course be kept in strict confidence and we will never sell your data to any mailing list agency. We also think you’ll find that our rates are competitive and affordable. You are paying for good service.

As we’ve already mentioned, too, booking one of our Las Vegas escorts is actually much more cost effective than traditional dating. There is a great deal of time, money, and expense invested whenever you take someone out on the town. Most of this time and expense is spent before you get to the good part of actually being out with someone you want to spend time with. It’s spent developing the relationship itself, with no real guarantee that things will work out. When you book with us, you get a guarantee of satisfaction, and you cut right to the good part of stepping out with a lovely lady whose job it is to make sure you are happy. Every one of our Las Vegas escorts is a professional entertainer whose goal is to make sure you are happy and satisfied.

Q. Can I specify that type of outfit for the girl to wear?

A. She is the escort of your choice you can ask her to wear an outfit that will fit your plans for the date.

Of course, we would never force one of our ladies to wear an outfit she was not comfortable wearing, but we think you’ll find that our ladies are pretty open-minded. They will be happy to discuss your specific requests ahead of time, and we encourage you to engage in that discussion at the start of the date. That way there will be no last minute confusion and no concern that you will end up disappointed at the last minute. As in all things, we are here to please you. We aren’t happy and satisfied until you are happy and satisfied.

The best part of dating our Las Vegas escorts, though, is that most of them are more than happy to accommodate your special requests. They understand that you have certain preferences and needs, and they want to do whatever will make you most happy. This is why we invite you to get to know our girls and discuss with your Las Vegas escort what is inside and outside of her comfort zone. Let us handle the rest. Once you’ve expressed your needs and desires to us, it’s our job to take it from there and see to it that everything you need is handled with discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Q. I travel to Las Vegas frequently can I request the same escort each time and reserve her services before I arrive?

A. To insure your choice of escort is available make sure you request the time you desire her to arrive.

This is one of the reasons that communication ahead of time is so very important. Here at VegasFantasyBabes, we coordinate the schedules of all our girls, and we do our best to make sure every client gets precisely what he (or she) truly desires. The earlier you contact us with your requests, the more easily we can try to fit the girl of your dreams into your schedule. And the more time we have to work, the easier it is to figure something out and find a compromise if this is necessary. Please reach out to us with your requirements.

Also, we ask that you keep in mind that cross-referencing the schedules of so many professionals requires time and a great deal of effort. This is why we ask you for as much advance notice as you can provide for us. We want you to be happy and we understand that you have your preferences. We will make our best effort to see to it that you get what you want, but the more preparation time you give us, the better off everyone will be.

Q. I am meeting with clients from overseas can any of your girls speak a foreign language?

A. Many of the girls are bilingual you can find this information on their bios page.

There’s nothing like knowing that the girl of your dreams understands you well, is there? It is definitely comforting to find a girl that speaks your native language, if English is your second one. While we can’t cover every language, we have multiple girls on staff who do boast a different language or two, so please be sure to check this information when you are scrolling through our pages to find the lady that best meets your desires. And if we can possibly make a match with the foreign language you’re seeking, we’re happy to do so for your sake.

We also invite you to inspect our Las Vegas escorts’ bio pages in order to determine who has exactly what look and features you prefer. It’s a fact that some men prefer certain ethnicities and we understand this completely. We are standing by to make sure that you get everything you need.

Q. Do you provide male escorts or just women?

A. At this time we only offer female escorts but can give you the name of a brothel that handles male escorts.

We certainly don’t want to lose your business, and it may be the case that, in the future, we can cater to those clients who are looking for discreet male companionship. As it happens, providing female escorts and providing male escorts can be different businesses, apart from the obvious. We won’t do anything unless we can do it all the way, so until we are prepared to enter the male escort business, we will continue to focus on providing the best possible female escorts only. That is our commitment to you, the customer. We aren’t happy until you are happy.

Q. Can I make a date with a different girl every day I am in Las Vegas?

A. The choice is yours if you want a different girl each day that is your choice.

One of the things our girls understand is that the escort business is just, that a business. You’re using an escort service because you want female companionship without strings, without attachments, and without drama. We would hardly be providing that service if our girls got attached and started making demands of you. They understand that your pleasure is our business, and they’ll never get jealous of each other. Just choose the girl that makes you happiest, and if you want to choose a different one after that, why, do so. We can even make arrangements for more than one girl.

One of the beauties of booking a Las Vegas escort is that our professional entertainers understand completely the concept that you are looking to have a good time. They live a day to day party lifestyle that can be very demanding, and to be honest, very few men could keep up with our girls over the long term. They are therefore happy to arrange for whatever you require and to give you the good time out on the town that you desire. They know all of the best party spots and if what you’re looking for is to book a party for the duration, we will help you do that. We want your time in Las Vegas to be as wild as you want it to be, and we want your memories to be as vivid (or as blurry) as you would prefer.

Q. Are there specific dos and don’ts that have to be followed?

A. There are many types of services that are requested if our girls don’t supply a certain service we can recommend you to a brothel that does supply that service.

This is one of those areas in which communication is very important. We know that everybody has different kinks and preferences. We know that everybody has different desires. We want you to be happy and to get what you want, but it is possible that you might ask for something that simply isn’t on our menu, and it wouldn’t be fair to our girls to force them to do something they don’t normally do. Therefore we ask that you communicate with us what you are looking for, and that way we can work with you to meet all your needs.

The best guideline that we can give you overall, really, is one of common sense. Obviously, every girl is different and her personality differs accordingly. We want you to be treated with respect and professionalism, and we think you’ll agree that you should probably do the same if that’s what you’re hoping to receive in return.

Q. I am hosting a bachelor party can I hire the services of more than one girl at a time?

A. You most certainly can hire as many as you can afford.

We do ask, though, that you let us know well ahead of time so that we can coordinate schedules and make sure that we have sufficient talent on hand for your event. We never want you to be disappointed, and we take every customer’s request very seriously. It would be unconscionable to us to fail to meet a customer’s needs if that request was within our power to provide. Therefore we just ask that you give us ample warning so we can make sure the schedule works out, and we can make sure you’re prepared to pay the rates required.

One of the advantages of booking with us is that our Las Vegas escorts are professional entertainers who understand how to show you, and your friends, a great time. They can work together and they have in the past. They will make your party as incredible as you would like it to be, and they will help you build Vegas memories that will last a lifetime.

Q. Can I have my picture taken with my escort?

A. That is entirely up to you and your escort, as long as the picture is for your private use.

We do ask that pictures of our escorts not be used for commercial or public purposes. We are running a business, after all, and it wouldn’t be fair to our girls to use one of them, for example, as a photo model for your commercial product, if you were, for example, doing some business in our area and wanted to kill two birds with one stone. We do, though, want you to make as many happy memories with our girls as you can. As long as the girl agrees to have her photo taken with you, everything’s fine for us.

If your Las Vegas escort does give you the opportunity to take photos with her, we think you’ll treasure these photos for a long time to come. There is something about being seen in the company of an incredibly beautiful woman that is its own reward. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll impress anyone else who sees the photo with your taste in women and your ability to “pull” some of the finest talent around. That, too, is part of the service that we offer.

Q. If required can the escort supply special tools for entertaining and pleasure?

A. There are all different types of stimulus available for those who require them.

At VegasFantasyBabes, pleasure is definitely our business. If you let us know ahead of time what you are looking for, we will make sure our girl or girls come supplied with those special toys. After all, we’re in this to make sure you come away happy. If that means going the extra mile for you, so be it, as long as we know ahead of time and can plan for it. Our girls are pretty open minded when it comes to sex toys and other forms of entertainment, so we think you’ll find they’ll be pretty receptive to your suggestions.

Q. Are all the escorts over 18?

A. An escort must be over 18 to legally work in a Las Vegas brothel or be a Las Vegas escort and all the girls at Vegas Fantasy Babes are legal.

We make sure that all our record-keeping conforms to all applicable state and local laws. The last thing we would ever do is endanger you, or ourselves, by supplying you with underage talent. All our girls are required to be of legal age, yes, but also to prove to us that they are. We make sure the paperwork is all in order and we keep it that way. And this is no joke: People in the adult industry have been brought down or nearly brought down by underage girls who lied about their true ages to get work they shouldn’t.

Q. How do I pay for the service?

A. Service can be paid in cash or credit card.

Please be aware that services must be paid for upfront, and that means your credit card cannot be declined. You can rest easy that we will keep your financial transaction in the strictest confidence. We will never disclose your transaction, and we will never sell your billing data to some spam or mailing list company. We do not store your credit card information, either, so there is no fear your data could be compromised at a third party location. There is no data to hack because nothing is held on our computer system, so there’s no danger of misuse.

Q. If by credit card how will it be listed on my bill?

A. We only use discrete billing so please check with our receptionist.

What you don’t need to worry about is that when your bill arrives, there will be giant words emblazoned on it that say, “RECEIPT, ESCORT SERVICES.” We understand that part of the benefit and the appeal of using an escort service is that our services are discreet and confidential. If you communicate with our staff we can determine precisely how the charge will appear on your paperwork. And of course, your financial transaction is always kept private. We do not report the information to anyone, nor will we share it with anyone. No do not store your credit card data.

Q. You promise service in 30 minutes what happens if the escort is late?

A. Our escorts will always arrive in time. This is company policy.

Now, sending a beautiful, professional escort to your door isn’t quite like ordering a pizza. Sometimes, things beyond our control do occur. If that is the case, please rest assured that we will do whatever is necessary to make you happy with our services. In the case of an unforeseen and unpreventable delay, we will inform you and make arrangements. If something goes wrong with scheduling your date and we are not aware of it, we ask only that you take the time to communicate with us. Once we know what is happening, we can make arrangements to address it.

Q. If I am not satisfied with my choice can I choose another for a reduced rate?

A. Very rarely are the services of our escorts unsatisfactory we know that the girls can complete an assignment but if you are not satisfied contact our service desk and we will make you happy.

We want to make this clear: We are absolutely committed to customer service. Our girls are specially selected precisely because we believe they can complete their assignments and make their customers happy. We wouldn’t have them on staff if they weren’t up to the task. People being people, though, and because this is Las Vegas, it’s possible that something we can’t imagine might cause things to go wrong. If that’s the case, please know, it’s only temporary, and you can count on us to fix it. At VegasFantasyBabes, your satisfaction and pleasure are what matter to us most of all.

Q. Do your escorts receive medical checkups and or testing for communicable diseases?

A. Nevada law requires that all brothel and escort workers receive checkups and remain healthy and disease free.

We absolutely insist on running a healthy facility. Our girls take their bodies very seriously. That should be obvious just by looking at them. They are absolutely gorgeous stunners, every one of them, and they know that they can’t work legally if they aren’t also healthy. That means they follow all the necessary legal medical guidelines, and we make sure all their paperwork is on hand and up to date. We do this so that you can focus on pleasure and being happy, and leave your worries and cares behind. We want you to lay back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Q. Will I be busted by Las Vegas police for using your services?

A. Escort Services are legal in Las Vegas and what two consenting adults do when they are together is their business.

This is the primary reason our business, VegasFantasyBabes, is located in Las Vegas in the first place. Yes, escort services are legal here, and no, you need have no fear of having your door kicked in, or being slapped in cuffs and stuffed into the back of a squad car. Frankly, that’s the sort of thing that happens on television. It is not the reality of our business. We do nothing illegal, we encourage you to do nothing illegal, and we run a clean, legal business where all paperwork and required records are filed and on hand as is proper.

Q. Can I use your escort’s services as a date for the evening?

A. You can take her anywhere in Las Vegas for as long as you require and have already paid for her services.

Frankly, we would be disappointed if you didn’t use your escort’s services as a date for the evening. That’s what she’s there for, after all. She’s there to look beautiful, to thrill you with her presence and her smile, to fill your mind with her sensuous presence. She’s electric to be with and we think you’ll be doing yourself a real favor if you take her out on the town. You’ll be seen with beautiful arm candy and you will be appreciated and estimated upward accordingly. A beautiful escort is the ultimate accessory for increasing your value as a man.

Q. Do your escorts act like dates or are they just there to perform their services?

A. Our escorts follow your lead in how you want them to act.

This is one of those things that will make perfect sense once you are actually out on your date. Your escort is there for you. She is dedicated to serving you for the time for which you have purchased her services. She will make you comfortable and put you at ease. It’s her job to help you relax and be happy. She wants to have fun, and when you are enjoying yourself, she will too. All you need to do is communicate with her. You will be surprised just how good our girls are at taking their cues from you.

Q. Do you give out my personal information to companies who ask for it.

A. No we never give out your personal information.

This is a commitment we take very seriously. Your financial transaction, and the record of your business with us, is completely private and confidential. We don’t store your information, we don’t share your data with any mailing list or spam companies, and we do not provide any information about you to anyone for any reason. We know that your privacy is part of what makes your visit to us possible. We would never do anything to breach the customer service relationship we have with you. We want your repeat business and we will show you that you can trust us.

Q. By visiting your website will my computer be slammed with porn ads every time I turn it on.

A. Unless you have software that tracks your browsing history we do not have tracking software embedded on our site. However,r to insure that your experience with us is satisfying we do use your technological information and browser so that we know if there are problems with our website.

If this sounds too technical, we can explain it this way: We run our website according to standard, “white hat” website programming principles. Our site contains no spyware, malware, or other invasive or even malicious code. Our website is actually pretty simple. We just want you to get the information you need to do business with us, and also provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice for an escort. Beyond that, there isn’t much the website does, except answer your questions and give you a means to contact us. Simple is better in business, always.

Q. My next business meeting is in Reno do you have an escort service there

A. Not at this time but we will be happy to recommend a local service there.

Right now, VegasFantasyBabes is so named because we cater only to the Las Vegas area, obviously. We do maintain great business relationships with other providers, and we pride ourselves on that. Frankly, even in a challenging economy, stimulating female companionship is one of those services that never goes out of style. There is enough business to go around for everyone. We think you can tell the quality of a business by the types of relationships it builds with other businesses that are similar. Strong commercial relationships point to longevity. In other words, we get along with people and that’s good.

Q. I am not an extremely attractive male will your escort have a problem with me?

A.Our escorts enjoy their jobs and insure that their dates are satisfied and enjoy their time spent together.

We think it’s truly one of the tragedies of our superficial society that a man who doesn’t look in the mirror and find Brad Pitt staring back at him is made to feel like he can never have a truly beautiful woman as a companion, even for a few hours. Our business is built on providing you with these services regardless of who you are. Our escorts are trained to enjoy their jobs and always make you feel accepted. They enjoy what they do and are happy that you are happy with them. Your pleasure and satisfaction is our business.

Q. Am I allowed to tip the girls over what they charge if I am happy with their services?

A. That is your choice our girls main responsibility is to insure your pleasure if you are pleased and tip them it is up to you.

We certainly would never stand in the way of one of our girls being rewarded for services above and beyond the call of duty, as they say. If your escort pleases you in an exceptional way, we of course encourage you to tip her as you see fit. That is outside your fee arrangement with us and therefore totally your discretion. It’s also a nice way of providing our girls with feedback. They are happiest when you are happy, so of course tipping is one way you can let your lady know that she fulfilled her assignment well with you.

Q. Can I pass on your services to friends I know will be visiting Las Vegas?

A. Of course word of mouth is the best form of advertising, especially from a satisfied customer.

If you have a good time with us, we want you to tell anyone who will listen about VegasFantasyBabes. It’s not every day you find a company that can honestly and happily fulfill your fantasies, is it? We live and die by word of mouth, and the more buzz there is out there about us, the better off we are. There is plenty of business for everyone, but we never want to be one of those “also ran” companies that gets lost in the shuffle. We are a premier escort company for a reason! We want to be the best.

Q. Can I offer your escort a drink?

A. Some drinks are fine we don’t want your satisfaction marred by an escort who is too tipsy to perform.

That’s a polite way of saying, feel free to have social cocktails, but please try not to get our girls so liquored up that they are passing out or throwing up. Our ladies know their jobs, and they will be happy to drink a little bit with you without overdoing it. We certainly don’t want you to feel like you can’t relax and enjoy yourself drinking on a night out with one of our ladies. We just know you’ll both be happier if you’re awake and alive enough to remember what you’re doing together while you’re out for the evening.

Q. If the escort whose services I wish to purchase is unavailable can you recommend a different girl but similar to her?

A. Our website provides a compare before you buy Click the “add to compare” of the escort you want and you can compare her to other girls we have available.

It is of course our job to make sure that if a given escort you request is unavailable, you get someone who is suitable. Whenever necessary we will walk you through the process and see to it that you get someone who will make you happy. Scheduling, and taking care of schedule conflicts, is all part of the services we provide. You are in control, but we are there to fulfill your requests. We have so many great girls available that we are sure we can find someone who will rock your world. We’re here to make sure you’re happy!

Q. Can I order two girls at one time to have both of them for a three some?

A. If you want to enjoy the services of two escorts go ahead and order two and have a blast.

After all, the name VegasFantasyBabes includes “fantasy,” doesn’t it? One of the most common fantasies for men is the fantasy of having two women at the same time. And can you imagine what it would be like to have two of our world-class beauties at the same time? It is truly mind blowing. Our girls are prepared to make you happy in this way, and all you have to do is communicate with us and pay our rates to make it happen. We will also coordinate schedules to get those two girls to you for your very special night out.

Q. Why do you offer escorts and not operate a brothel?

A. Our escorts are not prostitutes or whores. They are simply great girls who like to go out on a date and enjoy their time with their hosts. You will never find any of our girls anywhere near a brothel and once you spend time with our escorts you won’t go near a brothel either.

The service we provide is not prostitution, and that’s important to understand. What our escorts are is fun loving and adventurous. They work for us because they like to live the endless party lifestyle that we provide. Their job is seemingly one long party, after all, going out night after night with customers who pay for their time. It takes a truly adventurous woman to make partying her profession, and not all who think it might be for them end up measuring up. Rest assured though that all our girls are more than happy to give it a real go.

Q. I live in Las Vegas and do not like to go to a restaurant by myself can I make a weekly recurring date with one of your escorts for an indefinite length of time?

A. With payment made a week in advance you can schedule her services for the same time and day each week.

Really, in our business, prepayment is the key to everything. And honestly, we can’t tell you how very happy we would be to see you doing something like this. Our beautiful girls enjoy being out and having lunch or dinner just like anyone else. They love to be treated well and to do enjoyable things. Nobody likes to be alone. When you have one of our escorts with you, not only do you have beautiful, fun-loving company, but anyone who sees you out will immediately understand that you are a person of value who commands the attention of beautiful women.

Q. If I didn’t know about your website how would I find out about your services?

A. Most of the hotels have a list of escort services for their guests. We can be found on that list plus word of mouth for providing fantastic service to our customers.

While we make an effort to have our advertisement listed in all the usual places, we would actually prefer that you heard about us from a fellow satisfied customer. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is, because it is the honest testimonial of someone who has used us and who knows what we offer from firsthand experience. We hope that you heard about us from someone who was speaking enthusiastically about their experience with VegasFantasyBabes. But if you didn’t, there are plenty of other ways, as we’ve said. However you found us, we are glad that you did.

Q. I am traveling with a friend can I order the both of us escorts? We each have our own room in the suite but want company for dinner

A. Of course we can provide all of the escorts you require and as to what happens after dinner that is up to everyone. Just let our escort know what you desire, she will take care of the rest.

This is one of the ways our services can be tailored to serve you. We arrange for the general situation, and we provide you with our beautiful, talented ladies, but the rest of how everything works out is entirely up to you. The escort experience is thus entirely under your control, with the guidance of your lady, who has done her job before and knows how to make sure you have a great time without any unnecessary complications. You can trust us to take very good care of you. We are only happy when we know you have been pleased.

Q. I have heard from friends that they have had money and jewelry stolen after hiring an escort service have you had any of this problem and are you insured?

A. No we have not had that problem and yes we carry insurance to protect both our girls and clients.

This is the sort of thing you see in the movies and, honestly, from less than reputable escort services. Our continued business relies on the trust and confidence of our customers. If our girls weren’t honest, we would not be able to stay in business. Word gets around quickly in Vegas. That’s why our insurance is always paid and up to date, our paperwork on hand, and our girls strictly monitored and screened for honesty. If we were ever to get wind of a girl who was less than honest, she would not stay on our payroll. We mean that.

Q. What sets your client service apart?

A. Here at Las Vegas Fantasy Babes, our devotion to your client service is total and without question. There are any number of competing Las Vegas escort agencies with whom you could choose to book. When you book with us, however, you are getting something that you won’t get elsewhere. Any escort agency can simply hook you up with a woman. Some of them are quite lovely. But the escorts that you book with are a cut above the rest. That is because they are screened for your safety and your enjoyment, and backed by the value added that we bring to the table when you are ready to book the Vegas escort experience of your life.

You have never had a better, smoother, easier experience booking a Las Vegas escort than when you book one of our luscious girls. You will be amazed at how our process and our service works. That’s because we make every step in the process as easy as can be. We are devoted to making things go as smoothly as we can make them go for you. We are the best service in the greater Las Vegas area and that will be apparent from the time you first book with us. This is true throughout your booking, from the moment you begin to when you and your young lady say goodbye to each other for the night. Do you want the best girls in Vegas? Do you want the sexiest girls in Vegas? Do you want memories that will stay with you for years afterward? Do you want the most flexible service you can get? Well, you came to the right place when you booked with We are the best Vegas escorts in town. We are a great service backed with honesty and integrity as well as dedication to client service. Let us earn your business and your confidence. We will show you that you should become our repeat client. Once we have built that business relationship with you, we will provide you with feminine companionship each and every time you want it. Our Vegas escorts are waiting for you. Don’t keep them waiting any longer. Our client service is second to none, and you will believe that when you book with us.

Q. Why do you ask for client feedback so often? Are you just trying to pry?

A. Absolutely not. We would never pry into your business. But we are so dedicated to providing the best possible client service that we are highly dependent on client feedback to do it. No business survives if it cannot adapt. Every company, even ours, must stay relevant to the times, and compete with other businesses that are similar in nature by setting itself apart from those competitors. We could not do this if we were not completely devoted to an ongoing process of improvement. We are always looking for ways that our service could be better. We are also always looking for client feedback that can point us to new ways of remaining relevant, new ways to develop our business, procedures we could improve, and anything and everything that would make the client experience that much better when you book with us. We don’t just rest on our laurels. We know we provide good service and we’re very proud of that fact, but we also make sure to revisit that, and our standards, to ensure that we’re still doing the best job we can do. If you’re not constantly ensuring a high level of client service in this industry, you’re moving backwards. We never want to move backwards. We want always to provide you with stellar client service, each and every day, from start to finish. That’s the promise.

You may not realize it, but we do enjoy hearing from you. We always want to get your feedback. Are you just booking an escort? Do you have questions because you have never booked an escort before? Have you booked with us often, but you need something, or you have a special request? Do you need some assistance with some component of the process that is booking an escort? We never take excellent client service for granted, so we need to hear from you about these aspects of your escort experience. We hope that we prove to you that we are genuine and earnest in our quest to hear from you. We will always back up our words with consistent actions, too. No matter what we do, every time one of our girls goes out for a booking, every time she comes back, every client who lets us know that he had a great time when he was out with her, is all part of the database of information on our service to our clients. We always compare our past performance to our present performance… and we always up our expectations for future performance.

The process of constant improvement in which we engage is one that we work hard to maintain. We are always upgrading our service and our procedures. We are always looking to change the way we do things for the better. We’ll gladly update our standard procedures not just to stay relevant to our clients, but also to make sure you don’t just have a good time. So what do we mean by that? Well, ideally, you will enjoy yourself when you are out with our Vegas escorts. What we do need to know is, did you enjoy yourself to the maximum extent possible? We don’t want to just be good enough to earn your business. We want to be good enough to earn your business time and time again, and to make you so happy with us that you will gladly recommend us to your friends who might also be considering getting in on Vegas escort experience. We hope you’ll refer us to those you know who are considering booking an escort.