One in Three Adults Just Don’t Get It!

So what is it? What is this dreaded thing that affects one in every three Americans? What is it that one in three adults in our country just don’t get?Well, we’ll spoil the surprise for you: It’s sleep.Yet another new study has determined that one in three Americans are not getting enough sleep. They are chronically sleep-deprived as a result. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has looked at adults across the United States to see who is getting seven or more hours of sleep every night. This is the amount that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society says that grownups should be getting. When you sleep for at least seven hours, they say, this is the best amount to promote your all around wellness and health. It’s not too little, and it’s not too much. The problem is, at least a third of us just aren’t getting this much of it.Now, keep in mind that not getting enough sleep is pretty serious. There is research that says if you don’t get enough sleep (you get less than the recommended optimal amount), then you could be more overweight and have higher blood pressure. You’re also raising your risk of heart disease, stroke, mental illness, and even diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The problem is one of those things that is widespread enough to qualify as a “national epidemic.”The researchers recommend that we implement a variety of changes. For one thing, you should avoid “screen time” before you go to bed, because there are studies that show you don’t sleep as well when you expose yourself to bright light (such as that of your smartphone or tablet) before bed time. Watching television, or falling asleep with the television on, is similarly bad for your sleep. The researchers also recommend that you implement a greater routine in your life in order to encourage your body’s natural rhythm. So, if you set the same bedtime each and every night, you might be better off, and sleep better, than if you go to bed at wildly different times every night. You should also avoid staying up too late. There’s an old wives’ tale that says it’s every hour you get before midnight that counts most, although that’s probably not very scientific.Of course, there is a good reason you might not be getting enough sleep. You might work too much, sure… but you could also be playing “too hard.” And we don’t think there is any such thing as playing too hard. We know that you like to have a good time and, frankly, you only get so many years on this Earth. We think you should be having as much fun as you possibly can… and that’s where our incredible Vegas escorts come in. Our girls are all party girls, who enjoy going out and having fun, night after night. Would you like to experience the kind of night that you’ll remember for years to come? The kind of night that you’ll brag to your friends about? Well, that kind of good time is only a few clicks away. Contact us today and let us get the ball rolling for you. You deserve one of our sexy professional entertainers! Let’s party now… and sleep later, shall we?