Luscious Alabama is a down-to-earth girl who enjoys amateur photography, horseback riding, and four-wheeling.


Age: 25


Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language:English, French

Nationality: United States

Weight:122 lbs



She is most comfortable when she is wearing as little clothing as possible, and like her namesake state, she loves hot weather and long nights. “There’s something almost transcendent about riding a horse,” Alabama explains of her favorite hobby. “It’s a fact that horses aren’t too bright. Once, when I was a young Vegas girl just learning my way around the equestrian world, I got thrown from my horse. The big beast almost stepped on my head. My helmet saved me, but it doesn’t take much to imagine what could have happened if all the weight of that animal came down on top of my skull. That horse never blinked. Stepping on me and killing me, or not stepping on me and not killing me, didn’t matter a bit to that animal. A lot of people would have been turned off from horseback riding by an experience like that. But it didn’t bother me. It taught me to respect the power of that animal. It taught me to have a healthy fear of anything that wild and strong-willed.”

Alabama goes on, “I think a good girl, or a bad girl, if you want to look at it like that, is a lot like a horse, in some ways. And no, I’m not making a joke about riding a girl like a horse. What I mean is that the best women, the best Vegas escorts like me, are strong-willed, maybe even stubborn. We’re wild creatures just looking to be tamed. And a man who can tame a wild creature like that, well, he can pretty much write his own ticket with the strong-willed girl that he brings under control. It’s not a BDSM thing, and it doesn’t involve anything kinky, if that’s what you thinking. I’m just talking about mentally and emotionally. I think every hot escort girl likes a man who can take charge and take what he wants, who can show a girl that there’s real fire in his eyes. I like a man who can be strong like that.”

Alabama is equally passionate about her hobby of amateur photography. “I think a good photograph is like a window into a person’s soul, a little glimpse of their world through their eyes,” she says. “I think that’s what makes a good photograph really artistic. These days, with the filters you can put on your pictures, and the really great cameras that everybody is carrying in their phones, it’s pretty easy to get a shot that looks nice. But just looking nice isn’t art. To be art, a picture has got to make you feel something. It has to be passionate, has to make you feel passionately. To me, that’s what art is. It’s the ability to inspire passion.”

It is this ability to inspire passion that Alabama believes she brings to the escort game. “I think a beautiful girl is one thing,” she says. “Anyone can look pretty. And there will always be men who admire a pretty hot Vegas girl. But can that girl really inspire passion? Can she turn a man on so well that he practically loses his mind with desire for her? Can she make the men who see her want to have her so badly that any man who is with her looks better by comparison? Can her very presence make him valuable? I think that’s what it is to be a truly great escort. You are a creature of exquisite beauty who brings value to any man who is close to you, who is sort of traveling in your orbit. That’s real power. That’s what it means to be an escort who knows the game and can be incredible at her job.”

Alabama is very proud of her body and knows what it means to be the object of desire. “I’ve known for a long time that I get attention everywhere I go,” she says. “I love my body, and I love knowing that when a man sees me, he can’t take his eyes off me. Every curve of my body is something special, and I love to take care of it. I love to work out, to sweat, to make myself look good. It’s an investment, not just in my future, but also in what makes me unique. Men really respond to that and I love to see that they do. It’s a very special feeling to be wanted and desired, and it’s the thrill of that desire that is part of why I love my job. The party lifestyle that goes with it, that’s extra.”

Getting attention is something that Alabama is very used to. She knows that when she walks into a room, every eye is going to be on her… and that is just the way she likes it. Being a Vegas escort means being used to all that attention, to being the center of focus for everyone around. When she struts her stuff, Alabama can shake it like nobody’s business. She’s the finest lady you’d ever want to meet, and she knows how to treat her men with respect and kindness. When Alabama makes you smile, you know you won’t regret it.