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The Keys For Having Good Sex

Wanna have good sex but just don’t know how? Well, there are a few ways and secrets to know in order to do this. Nothing is worse than having very disappointing sex. When you have sex, you want it to be good sex, right? Well, read these tips in order to have that ultimate sex […]


Does Size Matter? New Study Says…


Every guy has been told that he’s big enough by a woman he’s dating, and every guy wonders if size truly does matter. As the old saying goes, “it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean,” or some nonsense like that. Many women focus on the need to connect romantically […]


These Have Three Times the Sugar of a Can of Coke. Is Your Girl Drinking Them?


We’re all more aware than ever of our sugar intake these healthy days. There’s something of a paradox where that’s concerned, because we’re fatter than we’ve ever been as a society, yet we worry more than ever about the content of our foods. Processed foods are definitely the culprit, as well as the high sodium […]


Use a Tanning Bed… Get Cancer? The Numbers are In!


There’s nothing sexier than a tanned, bronzed young lady. When you see a sexy woman with her taut stomach and her incredible curves who is also sunned and sultry, it speaks to you on some deep and human level. Tanned girls are sexy, and some men even find tan lines sexy. That’s a matter of […]


Is It Time to Starve Your Grumpy Cat?


You’ve seen the memes. It’s almost impossible to escape the famous Grumpy Cat online. The popularity of this particularly cross-looking feline has reportedly made its owners rich. And while Grumpy Cat isn’t actually grumpy (at least, no more so than any cat), it’s true that most cats typically become somewhat less than interested in their […]