One in Three Adults Just Don’t Get It!


Take a look around you. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, it affects one in three adults around you. If you look at the person next to you and the person on the other side of you, and you don’t think it’s them, then… it might be you. So what is […]


Does Pot Make You Paranoid? New Study Says…


You’ve probably heard it before. “I can’t get high,” she’ll say, “because I don’t like feeling paranoid.” It’s a common belief that some people just get weird when they smoke pot. With pot smoking on the rise and more and more states making pot legal, it’s worth asking the question: If you and your new […]


She’s Probably Just Having A Salad


Your mom was probably always telling you to eat, eat, eat. At least, that’s the stereotype of most mothers that you see on television. Are you the type of guy who picked up weight in a long term relationship? A lot of guys find that they gain weight once they’re with someone because they eat […]


Study Says All Women Are Bisexual!


A new study says something that men have long suspected: All women are bisexual. The study looked at a woman’s arousal levels when looking at pictures of attractive women and attractive men. There are different physiological indicators of arousal, and these were used to verify whether a given test subject, all of them women, was […]


Can She Drink You Under The Table?


Are you much of a drinker? Are you the sort of man who can hold his own in the most raucous of party environments? Well, most guys pride themselves on their ability to “hold their liquor.” While being able to imbibe a great deal of alcohol doesn’t really say anything about you other than that […]