Charming Candice is an animal lover who also enjoys collecting vinyl music albums.

Gender: female

Age: 25

Height: 5’3”

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English, French

Nationality: United States

Weight: 122 lbs

Measurements: 96-62-94


“I love animals because I love innocence,” Candice explains. “I think the only truly innocent beings in the world are animals, because they can’t trick you or be anything they’re not. The difference between animals and people is that people have to be taught everything. You have some instincts, sure. You know that you want sex, that you want love, that you want food and sleep. You know you are uncomfortable when you’re cold and you know how terrible it feels to be tired. But unless someone teaches you how, you’ll never know about how to go get these things yourself. And while animals do teach their young certain skills, such as when a mother bird teaches its baby birds how to fly, animals are creatures of instinct. They are driven by this just the facts kind of approach to life. This is how you know they can’t trick you or try to be anything they’re not. You get what you see, and what you see is what you get. I think that’s why we like animals, whether it’s dogs or cats or some other pet. It’s why we come to love them like part of our own families.”

Candice says that this explanation can extend to the way people should be. “I think if more of us were like animals, we would all be better off as people,” she says. “I think we should put aside all our politics and our games and our lies. Think about how wonderful dating would be if people could just be direct and honest with each other. You go out to a club and you see a beautiful woman there. You approach her. She looks you up and down .The two of you appraise each other and then maybe even get close, close enough to touch, close enough to smell her perfume. What if we lived in a world where you could just say to that beautiful woman, ‘Wow, I think you’re really sexy. Do you think I’m attractive to? If I promise to treat you right, would you come home with me? No strings attached.’ Imagine if you could not only say those things, but you could expect to hear them back, and the two of you, just right then and there, could come to an agreement on where things were going to go. That kind of honesty would benefit us all. We’d all waste a lot less time. We’d all be a lot happier. I think that’s the kind of world I’d like to live in, sometime in the future. Who knows? Maybe a world like that is still a possibility. Maybe it could happen.”

Running is something Candice feels very strongly about. “I love to run,” she says. “I love to feel my body moving, feel the sweat pouring down my body and clinging to my curves. I like to feel my feet pumping beneath me. I guess you could say I’m addicted to the rush of chemicals that happens when you get that ‘runner’s high,’ when you’re just kind of floating along on air and you’re off in your own little world. There have been times when I’ve thought about entering a marathon, or just spending even more time running than I normally do, in order to get and keep that feeling of euphoria. I live for that. I enjoy it very much. And I think the quest for that feeling, whether it’s through exercise or through something else, is what motivates all people. We all run around through life looking for something. We don’t always know what that something is. But I think at its least complex, it’s a feeling of well being, a feeling of happiness. That happiness is what drives us all. That search for happiness, that quest for something that satisfies us, is the heart of all human drives, and it’s the reason that men seek out beautiful female companions.”

Candice goes on, “You could say, then, that I’m in the business of selling happiness. A man enjoys getting to know me, getting close to me, and being seen with me. Men naturally enjoy beauty and being close to it. So they gravitate to me, and because I like their attention, I’m happy to see them attracted to me and I love the flattery of them wanting to get close. This is the reason we all do what we do. This is the reason we get up in the morning and endure doing things we’d rather not. It’s the search for beauty.”

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