You will be putty in my experienced hands! Let me sculpt you and massage you into blissful oblivion today!

Gender: female

Age: 27

Height: 5’6″

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English, French

Nationality: United States

Weight: 132 lbs

Measurements: 98-62-92


I can be deep and draw them in, or I can tighten it up. But I like to keep it natural. Men love a sexy southern girl. I think part of the reason is because southern girls are seen as fresh, sexy, and maybe just a little bit different. Every man wants a woman who is both really capable, the way I think people imagine southern girls to be, but also really sexy. That’s why you hear all those stories about ‘farmer’s daughters’ and sexy southern belles in tied off shirts and super-short cutoff jeans. I happen to look pretty good in both, by the way.”

Connie has more to say about her connection to the south. “The south gets a bad rap for being somehow more ignorant than the north. I think that’s a lot of prejudice talking, the prejudice of people who think their part of the country is better. The reality is that southern men are often more gentlemanly. I think there have been studies about that, you know, when they hide a camera and then see how people react? I remember them doing that and comparing northerners to southerners. The southerners were much more likely to be polite and to use manners when they were interacting with other people socially, but they were also much more likely to speak up and even confront people who were rude to them. To me, that’s a southern gentlemen. He’s sexy. He looks good with his shirt off. He’s strong and he’s tough. But he’s not a bully. He’s polite to people. And when somebody is rude to him, he stands up for himself and doesn’t back down. I think that’s all kinds of sexy, right there. That’s the kind of thing that romance novel covers always look like, isn’t it? A super sexy man with washboard abs wearing his shirt open and a cowboy hat, with a sexy lady looking on or even in his arms? Yeah. I think that’s exactly what sexy looks like.”

Connie has some ideas about what makes women sexy, too. “I took massage classes because I think every woman should have a skill,” she explains. “You know in beauty pageants, it isn’t just about how a girl looks in her bathing suit. There are lots of girls who look good half naked… and naked too, I guess. But I think what a man likes in a woman is not just beauty. I mean, yes, he wants her to be hot. I mean, hell yes, a girl should be as smoking hot as she can be. But there are so many beautiful girls in the world, and many of them are born that way. Sure, some girls who are hot really had to work at it, to lose weight and get in shape, or to perfect their bodies in some other way. But there are so many for whom beauty is just given to them. They are born beautiful and they spend their youth always looking good and enjoying the benefits of other people wanting to get close to them and even sleep with them. A guy, when he sees a beautiful woman, he wants to know that she’s more than just how she looks. That’s what that old saying about true beauty being more than skin deep, that’s what it is really about. A man wants to know that his woman is special for something other than how she was born.”

What makes that special quality? Connie tells us it is the skills a girl has. “A woman should have real skills, things she has earned,” she says. “Her man should feel like he has somebody truly special on his hands, somebody he can admire for how good she is at certain things. That’s why I took massage classes. I wanted to be known for how good I could be with my hands. I wanted a man to admire me for the skill I had earned through work and study. Being an expert in massage isn’t just about making people feel good. It’s about showing that I can be more than a pretty face. I can learn a skill and be good at it. I can be a valuable person. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I can also help ease a man’s pains and frustrations. I can help melt away the things that he’s carrying around in the form of tension. And at the end of a long day, I can help my man sleep like a baby. That’s what I call skill.”

Another of Connie’s skills, she explains, is the ability to listen to her man. “So many men don’t know what it’s like to have a good listener in their lives,” she explains. “They just get used to dealing with people who basically tune them out, or who never put them first. I think a man wants a sexy girl, sure, and he wants to get close to her, but he wants most of all is respect. He wants to be treated well. Generally he’s not, in his daily life. He gets treated very poorly by most of the people he knows. When he encounters a woman who will actually listen to him without judgment, and who will treat him with respect, he’s usually blown away by the experience. For the first time, he’s getting what he wants and, more important, things he never knew before that he wanted until he gets them. I think that’s the real power in what I do. I anticipate a man’s needs and give him what he wants before he knows to ask for it. I think that makes a Las Vegas escort just about the most important woman in the world. I believe that.”

“I always want to get close to people,” she says. “It’s extremely important to me to get as close to every new client I meet as possible. When a man comes to an escort agency, he has a certain expectation. His experience with us has to be special. It has to give him everything he’s looking for. We can’t screw it up even once. It has to be consistently awesome. And if there is one thing I can do, it’s be consistently awesome. Let me show you what a professional entertainer can do for you when you book my time.”