Don’t let my shy looks deceive you. Underneath it all, I’m a lioness who loves to stroke my man to make him roar!

Gender: female

Age: 28

Height: 5’6″

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English, Japanese

Nationality: United States

Weight: 130 lbs

Measurements: 98-62-92


“I’m not going to lie,” Diana admits of her bisexuality. “I think about women a lot. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love men and I love being with men. How could you not? There is so much about men that is sexy and wonderful. I love to open a man’s shirt and run my hands across his chest. I like to feel him holding me and pulling me into him. I love the feeling of him running his fingers through my hair while we kiss, maybe even pulling my head back a little, showing me who’s in charge. There’s nothing about any of that I would change. Men are so very sexy. But I’m really bisexual, and that means I find women sexy too.”

There is a lot to find appealing about the fairer sex, as it turns out, at least as explained to us by Diana. “Women are just so overwhelmingly wonderful,” she insists. “Those eyes. That skin. Those luscious lips. Those incredible curves. Not only do I like to put my hands on a woman and experience her, but I love the way a woman touches me. It’s softer than the way a man touches me. More familiar. I think a woman can do things for a man that a man can’t, and a man can definitely do things for a woman that a woman can’t. Being bisexual just means having the best of both possible worlds. And on those occasions when I get to have a threesome with both a man and a woman…? Why, those are the most incredible times there are, period, because I get everything I like all at one time. There’s something so fulfilling about that.”

Diana is quick to point out that with her, being bisexual is not just a gimmick. “A lot of girls in the industry will put that in their profiles,” she explains. “They’ll claim to be bisexual because they know how hot is for a man to see two sexy girls making out with each other, maybe doing more with each other. And yes, even these ‘pretend’ bisexuals will do things with other girls when they think they can get something out of it. In the porn industry, they call it ‘gay for pay’ when a man or a woman pretends to be bisexual in order to get a payday. And yeah, a man who is having gay sex to pay the bills and isn’t really gay is still having gay sex, right? So you’re not exactly getting ripped off by a girl who claims to be bisexual but who is just playing at being bisexual in order to turn you on. But do you really want to spend your time with someone who is tricking you? Don’t you want to be with someone who can be honest? Honesty is very important to me. Being genuine is something I don’t think you can afford to dismiss. Being a real person, being genuine, that’s worth a million guys and girls who try to trick you or tell you what they think you want to hear.”

“I think too few of us really take the time to enjoy our food, to experience it. We aren’t eating. We’re just shoveling fuel into our mouths. Well, sure, you can live on that, but why wouldn’t you enjoy yourself instead? You hear so many slogans about how life is too short to do this or to do that. Well, life is too short to eat things that aren’t wonderful. We have access to so much wonderful food, why wouldn’t you want every meal to be an experience? So that’s how I go at things. And my ability to be comfortable in just about every situation is definitely an advantage when it comes to going out to eat, because no matter where we go, I’m going to be comfortable and I’m going to help you have a good time. If it’s a formal restaurant and we need to be dressed super sexy and formal to get in, well, I’m your girl. If it’s more casual dining or ethnic food, I can let my hair down and be a casual, fun, flirty companion for the evening. It doesn’t matter to me what you pick. I’m not just bisexual, I’m tri-sexual. I’ll try anything once. I know, that’s an old joke, and you’ve heard it before. But I mean it. When we go out, feel free to suggest new things. I will gladly experiment with you. Every time I go out is a new adventure.”

Diana admits that when she fantasizes, she often thinks about other, sexy, sleek and beautiful women. “I fantasize about men sometime, yes,” she admits, “but what is a sexual fantasy except the expression of your innermost desires? I love to fantasize about women. I love to think about how soft and sexy they are. I love to picture their curves. I like to use my tongue on a woman’s stomach, work it up to her hips, run it along her naked body and up across her back to her smooth shoulders. These are the fantasies that preoccupy me. These are the things that turn me on. I love to think about being with a woman, just like I like meeting a new, sexy girl to play with. Every one of us has secret desires, yes, and I am very honest about mine. I just adore being sexy and it gets even better when I can enjoy that with another girl. When the two of us are in lingerie or nothing at all, that to me is the best way to spend a night. If we can do it beside a roaring fire, well, that’s even better. It’s even sexier too.”

“Have you ever stopped to think about the fantasies that you have?” she says. “I know I do. I always stop and think about the sources of my desires. Everyone should. Your desires should be the center of your being. Do you know what they are? Are you really in touch with what you want? When you know what you want, you know where your life is headed. That course reading, that heading, is essential. You can’t where you’re going unless you know where you’re pointed. Always, always know your desires. That is the key to living a happy life.”