Spice Up Your Life With A Date With Gretchen

Age: 23

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 130

Ethnicity: American

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Cup Size: 38DD


While going out on the town is always a fun time, I prefer to get to know my clients in the privacy of their home or hotel room. I am one of those escorts who really loves the “alone time” of the date. If you want to spend time with a woman who likes to take charge, then I’m the escort you want to select. I don’t really boss my clients around, but I am firm about what I like and what would make me excited to go even further in the exploration portion of our time together. I’ll let you know step by step what to do. Don’t you worry about that. If they are from here, I enjoy swapping notes about where to go and where to stay away from.

I have been an escort for a few years. I have been in situations of all types, and for the most part, I find my dates to end on a positive note. If you have any wishes, I ask that you let me know before we get together. This will give me time to prepare a perfect setting for the date we will have together. If you want me to wear a certain type of outfit, or act a certain way, all it takes is your input to make this happen. Don’t be shy!

I am pretty confident that you will enjoy spending time with me and I am pretty excited about meeting you as well. I am beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait to learn more about you. All it takes is a call to the service or a quick email to inform them about your desire to meet me. Are you ready for a night full of action, laughs, and relaxation? Are you curious about what type of fun we can have together? If so, set up a date with me and let’s see where the time we have leads. We won’t know until you schedule a date with me! I’m game if you are!