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Let Your Las Vegas Escort Free You From Drama and Baggage

There are benefits of spending time with a Las Vegas escort that you may not have considered. The biggest benefit of dating our girls, of letting us put you in touch with one of the lovely ladies on our staff, is that making time for our girls is a way of freeing yourself from the drama, the baggage, and the unintended consequences of dating an “amateur” entertainer — in other words, an ordinary young woman who is not a professional in this industry. People will sometimes throw around the word “professional” as if it is a bad thing, but our Las Vegas escorts are just that: professional entertainers whose entire mission, whose job, is to make sure that the date goes well, that you are put first, that your needs are met, and that you have a good time.

But on a deeper level, the greatest advantage of a Las Vegas escort is that you will never again have to deal with the drama that all women seem to carry around with them in their personal lives. You see, there isn’t a woman alive, outside of our professional staff, who doesn’t have some baggage going on upstairs. Every woman you date will have certain emotional and mental hang-ups. You’ve heard the old adage: No matter how hot she is, there is a man, somewhere out there, who is really tired of putting up with her. Think back to the last girlfriend you had. Think back to the last five, if you’ve racked up a few. Now think about all the times you had to navigate the minefield of things that would make her unhappy, make her angry, or otherwise set her off. For every man who reads this and thinks, “That doesn’t describe anyone I have ever dated,” there are another ten who are thinking, “That’s exactly what it was like to date my last girlfriend,” or, “That’s precisely what my wife was like.”

We live in a society that is constantly kicking men in order to make women feel better. Women are treated as if they can never be wrong, and men as if they can never be right. Watch a television sitcom sometime and you’ll see proof of this: The average sitcom father is an imbecile who is constantly the butt of everyone’s jokes. The typical woman treats the men she dates like an ungrateful harpy, forever criticizing him, making demands of him, and most of all, expecting him to put her first above all else. She is never happy for long, and no matter what gesture he makes to placate her, she will always demand more. Is it any wonder, then, that a man who spends a number of years married eventually ends up, more often than not, beaten down and miserable? Watch a stand-up comic talk about what it’s like to be a married man, or a man in a long-term relationship with a woman, sometime.

You’ll hear jokes about how the men have no control over their own lives, how they are forever being told what to do, how they must deny themselves the things they want for the sake of not making their significant other angry, and so on. And the men in the audience who have not discovered the power of dating a Las Vegas escort instead of an “amateur” woman, dating a professional entertainer instead of just any girl off the street, will nod in miserable agreement. That is the power of a Las Vegas escort. When you go out with our girls, you leave all this unhappiness, all this drama, all this controlling, passive-aggressive misery, completely behind you. Your Las Vegas escort will not hassle you about what you wish to do with your time. She will not make demands of you. She will not criticize you. She will not treat you with anything but the utmost respect. And most of all, she will put you first, which is the greatest aspect of dating a Las Vegas escort. When you take one of our girls out on the town, you do not have to worry about anything. Where once dating was like an audition that you weren’t sure you were going to pass, or some kind of test, it is now an exercise in your pleasure and nothing else.

Your Las Vegas escort wants you to have a good time. She is not going out with you to see if you are worthy of her; she is not going out with you to see what else she can get from you; she is a professional entertainer whose assignment is to make sure that when your time together is completed, you are satisfied and, what’s more, you will want to come back and use our services again. When you book with us, when you book time with one of our beautiful, sophisticated, and incredibly sexy Las Vegas escorts, you are making an investment in complete enjoyment. What’s more, stop and consider just how much you would pay if you were going out on “regular” dates. The average date involves a great deal of expense spent for no other reason than to try and impress your date. Most men think that the in order to get into a non-professional woman’s good graces, they have to look like big shots, and spend money like water whether they have it or not. And they would be right, because the average woman is motivated by the desire to be with a high-value man.

That’s why rich men seem to command the attention of women much younger and more attractive than they could if they were poor. Women like men with money, period, and when you factor that in, the typical guy spends a fortune dating a non-professional woman because he is trying to impress her the entire time. When you factor all that in, the dates, and the expensive restaurants, and the expensive gifts, and all the effort that a man invests in trying to snare a lady’s attention and earn that all-important second date, it is a very expensive prospect to date a woman who is not a professional entertainer. Now compare this to the expense associated with booking one of our Las Vegas escorts for the time period of your choosing.

Now, whatever develops between you and your Las Vegas escort is entirely up to you, and it’s true that there is a cost associated with booking one of our girls because of the overhead involved. We cut through the red tape for you, after all. That is the value that we offer: The process of locating potential women to date, finding one from among the available young ladies who’ll actually talk to you, getting her information so that you can attempt to ask her out, spending days or even weeks texting back and forth playing a cat and mouse game while trying to get her to agree to see you, and then taking her out and wining and dining her… it is all exhausting and, worse, it takes so much time out of your schedule and so much money out of your budget.

On top of all this, there is no guarantee that all the time and effort you invest will be rewarded in any way. You could spend all that effort, all that money, all that anxiety, on a woman who ends up not wanting to go out with you at all and who will not return your calls if you do go out once. The service we offer cuts through all of that and removes it from the process completely. Instead of dancing that dance, instead of spending time, money, and effort on trying to develop dating contacts, cultivate those relationships, and then hope that one of them pays off, you can skip right to the good part, which is going out on the town and spending time with a beautiful woman who is endlessly sexy and who is capable of handling any situation you can throw at her.

That’s another aspect of dating a professional entertainer that may not be obvious at first glance. How many horror stories have you heard from men who took a seemingly great dating prospect out to some important event, only to discover that she couldn’t handle her liquor, or she didn’t understand what topics of conversation to avoid, or she had no capacity for certain formal settings. In other words, every man has taken a girl out only to have her embarrass him… and then to blame him for things that didn’t go properly. When you take a Las Vegas escort out on the town, to a formal event, to an informal family function, or to any other event or venue, you don’t have to worry that she won’t know how to handle that situation.

Every one of our Las Vegas escorts is a professional entertainer who has the training, the intelligence, and the well-developed manners to handle whatever you can show her. She’ll easily be able to adapt to whatever type of setting you ask her to place herself in, and she will know just when to speak and just when to keep silent. Her job, after all, is to make you look good. You don’t want to be seen out with just any beautiful woman, after all. You want to be seen out with a beautiful, sexy woman who makes you look like a man of good taste and good judgment.

That is what our Las Vegas escorts can do for you. Each one of them can take you out to see the sights, paint the town red, spend quiet time at home or in your hotel room, visit family or friends, go to a business meeting or other more formal function, or even doll herself up in an evening gown and to go the most elaborate black-tie affair. Our Las Vegas escorts will not only make you look good, but they will also impress everyone around you. They will make you the envy of every man in the room, and they will make every woman in your proximity wonder what it is that you have that your beautiful date must see. This is the power and allure of our beautiful, professional Las Vegas escorts. This is the enhancement they offer your social and professional lives.

Date Las Vegas Escorts On Your Time and Your Schedule

One of the things that our Las Vegas escorts offer you is the beauty of freeing up your schedule. As complicated and time consuming as dating can be, it can be difficult to find time to date someone with whom you are in a relationship. You are expected to put that person first above all else, and this is much harder to do in reality to the satisfaction of a woman than it is to consider in theory. When you go out with one of our Las Vegas escorts, however, there is no need to worry about the time you are spending. Our girls will tailor their schedules to yours.

There is none of the cross-referencing of calendars, the last minute cancellations, and the worrying about keeping her waiting. Your Las Vegas escort will show up to the location that you both agree to, meeting you at your place or at some other location, depending on what the two of you decide. She will show up when you want her to, and promptly, and best of all, she will leave when your time together is has concluded. She will ask nothing of you apart from what is mutually agreed for the booking. You do not have to concern yourself with what she is doing the rest of her time, because you are not in a relationship. When you book a Las Vegas escort, you are booking a professional entertainer whose job is to make sure you are having a good time and that you’re happy.

Date on Your Schedule; Control Your Romantic Life

Dating a sexy lady, going out with one of our Vegas escorts, can change your entire world. How do you approach feminine companionship right now? Well, it’s time to make it better. Dating one of our lovely escorts puts the entire process of conducting your romantic life back in your hands. Chances are that you’ve gone your whole life dancing to someone else’s tune. You’ve spent years dating according to someone else’s idea of how dating should be done… and why dating is best done according to an old-fashioned set of rules, parameters, and orders of operation that simply do not work in the modern world. Dating, after all, exists to help you find someone to spend time with, someone you might even make a connection with that could conceivably lead to something more intimate and more comforting.

But before you get to that point, dating is about finding pleasure female company. It should not feel like work. It should not feel like a chore. You should not roll your eyes at the very idea of dating and wish that you could be doing something, even anything, else. Yet that is what dating has become in the modern world. That is what modern men, men who desire the company of lovely women, have been reduced to. They are second-class citizens in worlds that they themselves have built, forced to accept the scraps they are left from a table whose setters were never in their control. It’s like being handed a contract that you never signed and told that you must agree to it because someone else signed it for you.

To be perfectly blunt about it, the process of old-fashioned, conventional, traditional dating is a rip-off. It scams you. It treats you poorly. There are a lot of reasons why dating in the modern world is a poor deal for you and for every other straight man who still considers himself the captain of his fate and the master of his soul, but before we talk about just why dating is old-fashioned and out of date, let’s talk about the alternatives. You could, if you want to go your own way, give up on the company of women altogether.

You could acknowledge that the way the old-fashioned dating platform works puts you through all kinds of stress, all kinds of hassle, and all kinds of pressure, only to leave you with very little to show for all your time and money when the young lady you are pursuing calls a halt to your efforts at whatever mood or whim strikes her. Wasting your time and effort like that doesn’t help you. It just reminds you that you’re not getting what you want out of the process! Stop and think about what you are putting yourself through when you date women the old-fashioned way. It’s a grueling, unpleasant process. Why put yourself through that?

You don’t want to just give up on women, though. You don’t want to forsake the idea of feminine companionship altogether. That’s the way of defeat. That’s the way of giving up and settling for less. There are entire groups of men in society, all over the world, who are doing just that. But are they happy? In Japan, a bunch of men who are called “grass-eaters” by the locals have decided to forego dating, relationships, and responsibility altogether. Instead of pursuing women, finding wives, having sex, settling down, raising families, and going to work to support those families, they’ve decided to opt out totally. They refuse to play the game. They’ve just given up.

Going to work day in and day out just to toil away for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, or someone who only appreciates you for the money that you can put in her purse, isn’t very appealing, is it? But that’s the raw deal that is traditional dating, and that’s why cultural movements all over the world are growing up to put a stop to it. They’ve given up, they’ve dropped out, and they’ve decided to waste their lives doing anything but the things we associate with being men. Traditional methods of dating, finding a girl, making her your bride, settling down with her, and living your life with her generally fail in every conceivable way when you subject them to rigorous analysis. A man cannot achieve true happiness living the way society forces him to live, locked into a position where he always put himself last. Society teaches us that the greatest good is sacrificing for others, and that means you have to give up what you want to your woman and all of her desires and whims. Your own desires are unimportant.

Men generally aren’t ready to give up on women completely. They still desire women. They still want to be romantic. But conventional dating is such a total failure. It is inefficient. It doesn’t guarantee any positive outcome. There’s really very little chance that you’re going to end the process actually having found someone. It’s far more likely that you’ll spin your wheels, wasting time and money, until you are beaten down and either accept less… or become the equivalent of a grass eater, who has decided there is no chance he’ll get a woman any time soon. Worse, you could just become the sort of pathetic loser whom everyone sees doesn’t ever go out with women.

That’s not the kind of image you want to project. You may be relieved to know that by hiring one of our beautiful escorts, you can not only enjoy yourself and spend time in the company of a lovely lady, but also avoid the perception that you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t get dates… all while leaving behind the old-fashioned model of dating and relationships that would just use you, misuse you, and abuse you anyway. But let’s delve further into why the hidden costs of dating simply make it a losing proposition for you when it’s done with non-professional women. Non-professionals are any “normal” girls that you meet through any of several ways. In other words, they are not professional entertainers.

When a man hunts for a woman the old-fashioned way, that means he is in for a grueling experience that is anything but fun, exciting, or adventurous. When you go out looking for a woman, the first hurdle you have to face is actually finding a woman who is willing to have a conversation with you. This is a lot harder than you might think… and the first time you attempt it, you’ll quickly come to understand why. That’s because after just one or two nights of trying and failing to strike up conversations with the population of supposedly available women, you’ll quickly realize that these women aren’t really “available” at all. They are, instead, playing at it, unwilling to take the leap to giving you the time of day in many cases, and unwilling to defy the groupthink of the packs of friends they travel with in other cases. As a man, you go out to places where singles are supposed to gather.

These are the typical places, including bars, nightclubs, singles mixers, and other such venues. But it isn’t enough to just go to these places. Stopping by for a little while isn’t going to get the job done. If you want to meet someone, you’ve got to invest hour after hour into being there and trying to make an impression. You’ve got to hunt from among the available girls, trying to impress them, trying to approach them and strike up conversations with them. At every turn, you must fight the possibility that you will be shot down or rejected. Some women make sport of shooting down the men that approach them. In some cases they are genuinely unimpressed with the man, and determined to hold out for only the most attractive and seemingly wealthy men in the room. In some cases they are simply trying to impress their friends. Whatever the reason, you will find yourself shot down over and over again. You will find yourself rejected. So it’s back to the drawing board, right back where you started.

None of this is cheap, either. There are all kinds of hidden costs involved in dating. You’ll be buying drinks for women. Drinks get expensive quickly at the nicer bars and nightclubs, and even at the not very nice ones. You’ll be pouring money out of your wallet like it’s water before you know it. Will this impress the women for whom you buy drinks? Well, it’s a fact that a reasonably attractive woman who wants to drink can go out to a bar or nightclub and have drinks bought for her all night long by suckers who don’t realize she has no intention of letting them get anywhere with her. She’ll take your drinks, sure. She may even strike up a little small talk with you to keep you on the hook, and buying her drinks, for longer. But unless she gets completely obliterated and her cock-blocking friends haven’t yet surrounded her in defensive formation, you’re not taking her home. She’s just using you for what she can get out of you, and when she’s done, she’ll move right on. You’ll end up looking back on a night wasted. You won’t have anything to show for it, most times, except a heavy bar tab.

If you do successfully get the attention of a woman and actually start dating her, things will only get worse for you. And if you enter into a short-term relationship, the spending of your money intensifies while you work harder and harder to avoid screwing up your endless audition. One wrong move, one wrong word, one failed joke, one errant text message, and it’s all over for you, buddy. All that time and money you’ve spent getting her to this point, where the two of you are casually dating, will be completely wasted if she, on any whim whatsoever, decides to call a halt to it all. That is one of the worst parts of traditional dating. You invest tons of time and money with absolutely no guarantee and no expectation of a positive outcome. You hope it works out, but the chances that it will are so low that you have no idea what will come of your efforts.

Most women are not bad people, but they are trained from birth by our culture to use men for what they can get from them. The result is that she gets what she wants, the date goes as she wants it, and everything is geared around pleasing her. This is by design, for it is an audition that you must pass if you want to go out on yet another date with her… and that is the vicious cycle that is the old-fashioned way of dating. If you do get another date with her, the cycle of testing never ends. Every single moment you spend with her, and even when you are not with her, becomes a test. Her willingness to break up with you and cause you to have wasted all your time on her is the weapon she holds over you at all times, as is her ability to withhold her affection from you. When you’re done with that whole dating process, you may or may not find yourself in a relationship. Most of the time you won’t be in a relationship, though, which means you wasted all that time and effort. All those hours invested in that girl and others like her, all that money spent buying her drinks, dinner, cards, flower, and whatever else, all the resources invested in taking her to fun places and fun activities, has just disappeared.

Of course, you could find yourself in a miserable relationship over the long term. So many people do. Imagine all the time you’ll spend “in the doghouse” when you are dating someone. It’s very common. Ask any couple. You’ll be spending so much time trying to get back into her good graces, trying to get back to the good part of the relationship, that you’ll have no idea when and where things when wrong when she finally tells you it’s over. Is that the model of dating you want to live by? Is that how you want to spend your time?

Men increasingly are giving up this terrible deal for a much better model of female companionship. They hire escorts. Our professional entertainers will spend time with you, focus on you, give you the benefit of all her attention, and never judge you, criticize you, or mistreat you. They also won’t bring any of their own baggage or problems into the interaction. They’ll give you a much better experience overall… and it will be much less expensive, too. When you think about all the costs we talked about, especially over time and across your attempts to date multiple women who don’t end up working out for you, there is serious money in all those activities. Worse, a lot of those costs are hidden costs, which you don’t have any way of predicting in advance. When you book a Vegas escort, though, you know right up front what it’s going to cost you to book that lady’s time. You skip the lengthy and expensive process that is trying to find a woman who will even talk to you. That process is what is the worst, most time consuming, and most expensive part of traditional dating anyway.

When you’ve eliminated what is most wasteful about traditional dating, you’ll finally be in control of your own romantic life on your own terms. And you’ll be controlling your costs, because there won’t be any more hidden, unexpected costs to interfere with your date. You’ll control everything. There will be no surprises. Yes, you’ll need to pay for whatever date the two of you go on, whether it is dinner, drinks, or the cover charge of a club where you go dancing or something, but how does that compare to the unpredictable and uncontrolled way you were spending money when you were dating the old-fashioned way?

Don’t try to take the cheaper way out. You’ll be better off with escorts to start with. For example, some guys will try to use pornography to meet their romantic needs. This is fine as far as it goes, and certainly plenty of men have porn that they enjoy. They have their favorite performers. They have their favorite scenes and fetishes and fantasies. But this is only passive entertainment. Watching porn is something that can never give you the interactivity, the human contact, that you want and need as a man who has a healthy sexy drive. You are conditioned to want to spend time with women. You crave their presence and you enjoy their attention. Porn can only simulate the lowest level of a woman’s presence. It’s like looking through a window at a party that other people are having. You can see them, and you can see them having fun, and you can get a vicarious thrill or two from seeing that… but it isn’t you having fun. It isn’t you enjoying yourself. It is only pretend. It is only a fantasy and it can never be any more. Craving the interactivity that a beautiful Vegas escort offers, but still not ready to take the plunge, some men will then seek out other adult entertainment that they think might offer them the interactivity they want.

They may, for example, turn to phone sex as a substitute. Before the Internet, phone sex was the backbone of the adult entertainment industry and, while phone sex lines are less popular than they once were, they still exist. When you talk to a phone sex line, sure, you do get the interactivity that you have been craving… up to a point. You can talk to her and she can talk to you. You can ask questions and she can react to those questions. But at the end of the day, you know and she knows that this isn’t real. It is only pretend. The two of you could be a state away… or you could be on opposite sides of the world. Why, in some circumstances, that voice you’re talking to isn’t that of a woman at all, but of a man with a high-pitched voice, or a man who is using an electronic voice changer. Eventually, the interactivity of talking to such a person will wear thin for you. It simply won’t satisfy you, it won’t make you happy, and most of all, it won’t be a suitable substitute for the actual company of a real-life woman. Some men, instead of taking the leap to booking the time of a lovely Vegas escort, will instead still try to cheap out.

For example, maybe you want to book the services of a cam girl. It almost feels like a real interaction, although a very expensive one was you pay for her time by the minute. You can communicate with her, and sometimes you can hear her talk or type back to you. You can discuss your fantasies with her and she can react to this discussion. She can even act out things that you would like her to act out. But again, this is not ideal. It will only satisfy you for a little while, and you will quickly get tired of it. That’s because you are not actually spending time with a woman in these circumstances. You are talking to one who is far away, and you are watching her, but she is not with you. She is not really spending time with you. She is not focused on you. It’s all an illusion, and it’s a very unsatisfying one at that. And what about hidden costs?

Booking a Vegas escort is much more affordable than other, supposedly cheaper methods of meeting your romantic needs. Think of how much money you could spend on phone sex lines just have a conversation of reasonable length. And you could easily spend a small fortune, minute by minute, talking to girls on webcam sex chats. Even amateur cam sites, which lure you in with the promise of free video chats with sexy ladies, have systems in place where you must buy credits in order to tip the girls and gain access to private shows. This, too, costs a great deal of money. Before you know it, you’ve spent far and away more than you ever would spend when booking a Vegas escort, yet you have gotten none of the enjoyment that comes with spending a few hours, an evening, a weekend, or even a longer getaway with our lovely young ladies. Why would you take less while paying more? Why would you give up on the advantages and benefits of booking a Vegas escort when it’s so easy to get these for yourself?

Book your VegasFantasyBabes.com girl right now! Vegas escorts are far superior to anything you may yet have tried before in your quest for female companionship… or the simulation of it. It is less expensive. It wastes far less time. It is an efficient and cost-effective way of meeting women and getting to spend time in their company, which of course is the goal of all dating. Imagine that you could have the most gorgeous women you see in the club or at a bar, just by calling a phone number or filling out a web contact form. Wouldn’t you do that? If you could skip all the banter, all the hunting, all the back and forth, and go right to the part where she goes out with you and spends time with you alone, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? That is what we d. We take a lot of pride in the services we offer. We will make you happy and we will show you that we are worthy of your business.

Every Las Vegas escort is a professional entertainer. Every escort has the temperament and the attitude needed to be everything you require in a woman. She can be whatever you need her to be. She can accompany you to any setting. She can be your arm candy at formal occasions. She can stand by your side at more casual outings. She can make you look good and show off your ability to pull sexy women. She can blend into the background or actively engage. When was the last time you spent time with a woman this wonderfully beautiful? When was the last time you got this close to so sexy a lady? When was the last time you actually enjoyed your time out with a beautiful woman? You can finally start enjoying yourself. You can finally get the most out of your time invested in your romantic life… and you can control it. When you date the old-fashioned way, you have no control. The woman has all the control and you end up holding the bag. But when you date one of our lovely Vegas escorts, you are finally in charge of your romantic life. You hold all the cards… and your professional entertainer is tasked with guaranteeing that you have a good time. All the stress and anxiety of dating is removed from the process… and you can enjoy yourself for perhaps the first time.

Book Your Vegas Escort Today!

Vegas escorts will make you happy while transporting you to a whole new world of excitement and adventure. We urge you to contact us now. At VegasFantasyBabes.com, we will always protect your privacy. Confidentiality is something that is very important to us, and we know you can’t relax and enjoy your date if you’re worried about others poking their noses into your business. Our girls are trained to be discreet and you can always trust us to protect your privacy.

But maybe you’re more worried about cost than confidentiality. Well, booking the time of one of our Vegas escorts is much more cost-effective than traditional dating. But maybe you’re new to this, and it isn’t the money you’re worried about at all. Maybe you just don’t know what to expect. Well, you don’t need to worry about that, either. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process from start to finish, not only so you know what to expect, but also to answer any specific questions you might have. We are dedicated to fulfilling your needs, which means we regularly handle special requests, and we understand how complicated your busy schedule may sometimes be.

Here at VegasFantasyBabes.com, we are skilled and experienced in dealing with all these sorts of issues and needs. You can count on us. We want to earn your business, and we want to prove to you that we are worthy of your repeat patronage. Come back to us again and again and we will show you that you can count on us. Our full-service escort agency stands ready to meet your needs and cater to your whims.

Our dedication to great service goes beyond a single outing with one of our lovely Vegas escorts, too. If you’ve always wanted to indulge the fantasy of being out with more than one beautiful woman at the same time, we can handle that. Contact us and ask how to make that happen. Feel the incredible rush of being seen with multiple beautiful women as you live out every man’s fantasy. None of these wonderful things can happen until you contact us. Do it today.

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