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Gender: female
Age: 24
Height: 5’7″
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Orientation: Straight
Language: English, Italian
Nationality: United States
Weight: 127 lbs
Measurements: 98-62-92


Vegas Girl Direct to Your Room Tonight

Jordan’s accent gets her noticed, and she’s not shy about that. “People hear me talk, or they know that I can talk to them in French, and they get very turned on,” she says, blushing slightly. “It is because I am, how do you say it, a woman of the world. Men, they like something that is different. When they have dated many women, and even if they haven’t, they want to do something new and more exciting. They want erotic and exotic. That is what I can give them. I am erotic and I am exotic. I enjoy my heritage and I sometimes wish I could go back to Europe, to France and other countries, to visit. When a man goes out with me, sometimes I wonder if he does not think he feels like Donald Trump, the billionaire. We know Trump well here in Las Vegas, and we know his taste for very sexy women from Europe. There is something about our accents that he and men like him find very appealing. And he is very sexy.” Looking for a Vegas girl direct to your room tonight? Call (702) 506-0914. Don’t forget to mention my name, “Jordan”.

Jordan’s taste in men varies, but she has some ideas about what she likes. “I like a man who takes charge,” she says. “I like a man who knows how to get what he wants. But I also do not treat poorly a man who is perhaps more hesitant. We know men like this, all of us. They have been treated poorly all their lives and so perhaps they are not as confident as other men. It would not be fair to judge them badly for this. What I like to do is give a man confidence. If the man I am with, the man who is taking me on a date, is not as confident as he should be, I give him reasons to feel better. I make him know that I am there for him, and that I will help him to get the most out of our night. I want him to be happy, to be with me, a sexy and beautiful woman. I want him to be seen out with me so that all who see us together will know, here is a stud of a man. I have done this many times, and each time, it brings a smile to my lips.

Another thing that Jordan likes is the idea of travel, for it is world travel that has shaped her to this point. “I like to see the world,” she says, “and I have seen much of it already. Being a world traveler gives you perspective unlike what you can have if you have never gone out and touched the rest of the world. You learn so much about other people, and especially about men in other countries. I love to be a sexy woman who is exploring the world. Everyone is so helpful. Everyone wants to have a good time. This is something I know well. But most of all, I want you to be happy with me. I want you to enjoy the experience of being with me. You are the one in charge. I am the date, the person whose job it is to see that you have fun. I want you to be excited. I want you to have an adventure. And if you are not happy it is my job to fix it.”

Jordan explains, though, that her love of her profession has very little to do with it being a job… and everything to do with being a woman. “Being an escort is a celebration of being a woman,” she explains. “When I share my time with others, when I dress in something small and sexy, when I go out with a man, when we have fun, when we seize the night and we party until the day, these are all things that show, ‘See, I am a woman. I am beautiful. Being with me is happiness.’ How many men get to say that being with them is being happy? Very few, I think. And while I enjoy everyone I go out with, it is the woman who brings the happiness to a date. Men can have fun when they go out and play, but they are only really happy, only truly satisfied, when they have women to share the fun with them. This is why men are always attracted to the clubs that have the sexiest women, why they are so very eager to get in to the best ones that there are long lines and men with clipboards saying who may go in.”

Jordan admits that part of why she continues to work as an escort is that she likes to be able to blow people away with her personality. “I love to present myself to new people,” she says, “just as I like to go to new locations, new parties, new social venues. When a client books me and wants to go to a business meeting or a reunion or some formal or social thing, that’s the best booking, to me, because I like to meet new people. Better yet, I like to impress crowds. It excites me when I can make a man look good for his coworkers or for his family. I have been to a lot of functions and I have always wowed them, always killed it when I walk in the room in my sexiest, tightest mini dress or evening gown. I love what I do, but that’s my favorite thing. When I can impress a new group of people, when I can look my best and be my best, that’s the fulfillment of everything I’m working toward as a woman. That’s why I’m a Las Vegas escort. I will do this for as long as I’m able.”

Jordan is a party girl who admits that having fun every night and every day is something she has always wanted. “When I realized that I was going to get to live out that dream, I knew I was in a special place in my life,” she says. “Not everything works out that well. Having this kind of opportunity is nothing to laugh at. I have been extraordinarily lucky, and I don’t ever want to take my good fortune for granted. That’s part of having respect for myself and my profession. Being a professional entertainer is a great big opportunity.”