Juniper is a independent Las Vegas escort who has some secrets to divulge.

Age: 24

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 135

Ethnicity: African American

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Cup Size: 38D


Hello Gentlemen!
Are you looking for a date with a well-endowed, curvaceous woman? Do you enjoy the appearance of a woman with meat in all the right places? Then I am your future! My name is Juniper and I am proud of my figure. I have curves in all the right places and know how to show them off. I love the attention from others and hope you will be thrilled with what you see. I’m willing to share it all!

Our date will be something like this: I will meet you at a pre-designated location and spend some time learning about you before we go anywhere. This takes the guesswork out of the type of demeanor you have, and will make it easier for us to meld together in a public setting. Once I have an idea about your likes/dislikes and overall aura, we can go have fun together in the city if you so choose. I know the best dancing locations, the finest restaurants, and the areas where seclusion is present if you’d rather have some privacy.

When we are done with our date out and about, we can take the rest of our scheduled time together back to your home or room. This is where we will connect and where the real fun will begin. I enjoy stripping for my clients, I’ll let you in on that secret right now. I hope you won’t feel offended if I just start disrobing. It helps to get rid of inhibitions and makes it easier to bond with clients. I am sure you will enjoy what i have to show you! It is rather exciting for my clients when I do this and it may be the highlight of our date.

After I am disrobed, who knows what the rest of our time will entail. That is for you and I to decide right there and then. It could be a gentle massage, it could be some dancing, it could be some cuddling. The route we take depends on you and what you prefer. If you want to find out if our connection will thrill you beyond your imagination, then give me a call to set up a personal experience. I promise you this…you won’t find a curvier black woman out there who will take care of you like I can!