If there was ever a girl whose name matched her style and personality

Gender: female

Age: 21

Height: 5’4″

Hair: Brunette

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English

Nationality: United States

Weight: 110

Measurements: 98-62-92


These don’t even have to be very expensive. I just want them to be clothes that I can look my best in. I have great curves and I stay in good shape. I’m already doing well in the rocking body department. But you can dress a body up or you can dress it down. Undressing it is always good, but when you choose your clothes, you don’t want to detract from what you’ve got. You want your clothes always to enhance or shape your look. Listen to me, I sound like some kind of fashion wizard. I’m really just a girl who likes shopping for sexy clothes. But it’s true that what you pick makes a big difference on how you look, and you know this on some unconscious level. If you look drop dead sexy, you will carry yourself with more confidence. You’ll strut around like you own the place, and people who see you will be impressed by you. When I’m out with a man, when I’m on his arm, I want to be so smoking hot and sexy that the people who see me with him are blown away by what a man he must be. I want them to wonder how he’s managed to get someone so sexy to be with him. Can you imagine how people will be impressed when they see you out with someone like me? It’s a pretty cool feeling. And it all starts with shopping for sexy clothes.”

Clothes, however, aren’t the only thing that Macy likes to shop for. “I absolutely love electronic gadgets,” she says. Some people call themselves ‘tech geeks’ when they’re into gadgets like I am. I don’t think that term probably fits me, although I can think of a few people who might get really turned on by a ‘tech geek’ who was wearing the cocktail dress I put on last night. And when I pour myself into a slinky little black dress, sometimes I have to pick and choose which gadgets I put in my clutch bag. But I love playing with new devices. I always have to have the latest smartphone, and I like to shop for tablets and notebook computers. I have a few little app games that I play and enjoy, nothing serious. I just like the technology. If it went with my look I might get one of those smart watch things, but it probably isn’t for me. I really do like the idea. I even thought about getting some of those electronic smart glasses, the ones that project things for you to see, but I just looked too dorky. I guess the technology is a little far behind yet for some of the things we’d like to do. When you think about how awesome everything is though, when it comes to electronic gadgets, we can’t really complain.”

When she’s not gushing about gadgets, Macy is working on that hourglass figure that turns so many heads. “There’s no better feeling than going someplace with your date, dressed to the nines in something sexy. I like to leave very little to the imagination, but at the same time, I don’t want to just give away the store. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking around nude. I want him to look at everything I don’t show him and get all hot and bothered because of what he can see. I like to show a lot of leg, a lot of cleavage. I like backless dresses. I like to show off my stomach. A sexy girl has her ways. But really, what I live for is the reaction I get from the men I’m not going out with. When my date and I stroll into a club, or into a restaurant, or just down the street, I watch. I notice. When a man is checking me out but doesn’t want his wife or his girlfriend to catch him at it, I notice that. When a guy’s eyes follow me from across the room, or his head snaps around like it’s on a swivel when I pass by… I notice all of that, too. It’s great for your self-esteem to realize that people are checking out, sure, but it’s great for you date, too. When I’m with a man, he gets to feel like he’s a rock star. He gets to know that every man who sees him wishes he was able to trade places. How often do you get a cool sensation like that? How often can you have that fantasy?”

“I love how my shape gets attention,” she admits. “I love that men look at me and they get all floored with my presence. There is something pretty amazing about being a woman with a body like mine, and that’s never very far from my mind. When you have the power to knock a man off his game just by looking like I do, then that stays with you. That makes you the sort of sexy lady that everyone wants to get with. It’s the kind of thing that every man dreams about and every woman gets jealous of. I love to look at my own naked body in the mirror and admire my curves. And I love knowing that when a man does that, I can command his full attention. I can fill his mind with images of nothing but me. Can you imagine, making someone so obsessed with just your appearance that they can think of nothing else? That’s the power of, not just a sexy body, but of a sexy presence. I know I have presence. I know I am the sort of girl men want to get with. It’s what helps make me a great escort.” Are you thinking of Las Vegas girls to my room for today? Call me my boy, I’ll give the most sexual pleasure.

Being sexy is something that Macy tries hard not to take for granted. “I put a lot of effort into being the best possible person I can be, in fulfilling my potential as a sexy girl,” she says. “We are all born with potential, but some of us never really tap it and meet it. Some of us will always hold ourselves back. In a way, you are your own worst enemy. But you can be your best and most powerful advocate. You have to be able to push forward and fulfill who you need to be. Book me today!”