Alluring Mercedes is known for her legendary figure.

Gender: female

Age: 26

Height: 5’2″

Hair: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English

Nationality: United States

Weight: 125 lbs

Measurements: 98-62-92


“I know, it’s kind of a cliché,” Mercedes says, laughing, “a girl who is named for a car who is also fascinated by cars. But it’s true, I am, and I know that a powerful vehicle, or a luxury vehicle, or something with style and beauty is something that every man and every woman can admire. I like precision machinery. I like parts that fit together. I think that’s a great metaphor for sex, actually. When the parts all fit together just right, when they slide together in perfect harmony, the parts all moving in and out, up and down. Who can’t look at a fine machine, a sports car or a luxury car, and not think of sex and love and power and beauty? To me, that’s what life is all about, after all. We spend so much time pursuing those goals, those wonderful qualities, that sometimes we lose sight of the journey. But I think no matter how fast you’re rocketing along on the highway of life, you’ve got to slow down on occasion and really enjoy what you’re doing. If you don’t, you risk missing a lot of life. And I think, given how little time any of us really has, the only true sin in this world is wasting the opportunity to have a good time.”

Mercedes explains that it is this attitude that made her want to be a Las Vegas escort in the first place. “To me, every minute you’re not having a good time is a minute wasted out of your day,” she explains. “Obviously nobody can go all out every minute, every day, all year long. That would kill just about anybody. You’ve got to be able to rest and catch your breath once in a while. But I think a Vegas escort comes as close as possible to matching that ideal, to going all out for as many days and nights as a woman or a man can, and still stay healthy and balanced. Not every girl is up to it. This lifestyle demands a certain kind of lady, one who has imagination and stamina. You’ve got to be able to think on your feet, and you have to be willing to give one hundred percent no matter when it is and no matter how many days you’ve been out there partying. You can’t just phone in this job. It never works that way, and no guy wants to be with a woman who isn’t genuinely enjoying herself.”

One of Mercedes’ skills is that she understands how to have a good time, not just through appearances, but genuinely, as a person. It helps, she says, that she has taken wholeheartedly to the Vegas escort lifestyle. “I truly enjoy meeting new men and going out to have a good time to new and interesting places,” she says. “For me, I never have to feel like I’m going through the motions. If I met a client and I just wasn’t feeling it, or I thought there was no way we were going to be able to establish a connection, I would see to it he got another girl, one that was more to his liking. I’ve never actually had that problem, and I can’t imagine I ever would. I love being a Vegas escort and I enjoy getting to spend every week going out to new places, partying, enjoying myself, and further getting to know my limits.”

That self-exploration, Mercedes explains, is one of the fringe benefits of working as a Vegas escort. “I think you never really get to know yourself until you push your limits,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons that they say your true self comes out when you face challenges. Anyone can retain their composure when everything is going their way. It’s when we’re under pressure, when we’re really forced to test ourselves, that our true characters come out. I think that’s a very valuable process, and one that we should all engage in on a regular basis. How well do you really know yourself? How would you react in a crisis? How would you face both victory and defeat? Are you a leader or a follower? These are all questions that I think every person asks, and the answers to these questions can be found in how we handle pushing ourselves and testing our limits as human beings. It’s not just interesting but, if done right, it can be a very sensual and erotic learning process.”

Mercedes is always looking to indulge her sensual side. She was made to get down, she says, and she loves to go out and have fun. She’s the quintessential party girl, and that means when you want to have fun, you turn to her. Mercedes knows that every man enjoys having a good time, and every man deserves to leave all his cares behind and just truly enjoy himself. Mercedes can help you do that. Are you ready to go out and have a great time? Then just contact us and let us get the ball rolling for you today!