Marvelous Trinity is a barfly who enjoys clubbing more than anything else.

Gender: female

Age: 25

Height: 5’3″

Hair: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Bi

Language: English

Nationality: United States

Weight: 127 lbs

Measurements: 98-62-92


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“I think we act, in our society, like being sexually aggressive is a bad thing for women,” she says. “I have never seen it that way. A woman needs to be able to take what she needs, and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be just as aggressive about saying what she wants as a man should be. We’re a lot more tolerant of sexually aggressive men because we think that’s how men should operate, you know, be strong and like warriors. And that’s great. That’s what I like in a man. But a woman should never feel like she’s got to deny herself or her feelings. She should be able to just tell the world that this is what she wants, and she should be honest about her needs. When I’m out with a friend or I’m out with a client, I bring that honesty to the table. I tell the men I date and the men I meet just what I want. I let them know very exactly that I am interested in, and what I want to make me happy, and the more honest I am with them, the better they can meet my needs. When you think about it, this honesty is in everyone’s best interest, because it helps everybody involved get just what they want. This is a great thing. This is a gift. When you can give someone what they want, you are fulfilling their desires and their fantasies and you’re living the dream that we all have, a dream we have of fulfillment and fun and sexual excitement. I think that’s a special thing. We should always treat it with respect and take it seriously.”

Trinity goes on, “That is one of the reasons I guess men see me as dominant. I like to take charge. I especially like to take charge in the bedroom. It isn’t that I’m bossy or obnoxious or anything. It’s that I can tell my man what I would like, and if possible and if he’s into it, maybe we can even play some bondage games together. These things are very popular right now thanks to the movie about the fifty shades, or whatever, and I think that’s a good thing. We all ought to be able to discuss our kinkier sides more openly, because we all have them. And one of the things I like is a man who’ll let me get away with being dominant in bed with him. In real life I’m anything but bossy, and it’s always a role I’m playing. It’s never anything more than pretend. But it turns on my dates and it turns me on like crazy. I love a good power game. It gets me all revved up and ready to go. It makes me very excited.”

Hanging out in bars is where Trinity cut her teeth on bar games like darts. “I like bar games,” she explains, “because they’re so social. In some ways, they’re just a means of keeping your hands busy while you’re out drinking and socializing with your friends. So something about bar games is inherently fun. But if you think about it, darts is kind of insane. You take a bunch of people who are getting drunk in a bar and you hand them sharp missiles to throw around the room. Let me tell you, I have seen some darts strike some pretty strange places. I’ve seen them hit the wall, I’ve seen them hit the floor, I’ve seen them get stuck in tables and even in other people. You’re kind of taking your life in your hands when you play darts with people who are really drunk, so it pays to try and keep up with them. After all, if you get to the point where you’re too drunk to play darts, you’re probably too drunk to feel it if one of them goes where it shouldn’t.”

Trinity goes on to explain her love of bar tricks. “You hear these jokes and stories all the time, the kind of thing that people put money on. You know, like can you snatch a coin out of someone’s hand before they close their hand, can you balance an egg on its end, those kinds of things. I love those social outlets. I love the thought of people just having fun with each other. Bar tricks represent that to me.”

“I love a good place to cut loose,” Trinity says. “I’m always happy to go out and have fun. I especially like to explore and find new places. Anyone can take you to the local tourist traps, but a real escort, a professional entertainer, is going to take you to new places that really excite you. My job is to guarantee that you have a good time. You won’t get any guarantees like that when you date on your own. But you will when you book the time of a professional escort. That’s the difference that booking an escort makes.”