Men Really DON’T Need To Stop For Directions

It seems that women are genetically or psychologically predisposed to see dirt and clutter in more detail than men are, making them naturally better cleaners. They see things the men do not, and thus they always do a better job when cleaning a bathroom or a kitchen than the typical man does when he does his best. Until the research determined this difference existed, in fact, many men were left flatly confused as to why they could not seem to clean a bathroom or a kitchen to the satisfaction of their wives or girlfriends, even when they were genuinely trying to do so.
Now a new study in an Indian publication has verified that men actually have a more precise sense of direction. They can follow and ascertain routes faster than their female counterparts, meaning that men are actually much better with directions than women overall. Like so many things, this can be explained by evolutionary psychology. In ancient times, the first humans naturally divided up into men and women when it came to the functions that human beings had to accomplish. Women, as the child-bearers and child-raisers, were left behind where it was relatively safe. Men went out to locate and hunt game, doing the much more dangerous functions of hunting compared to staying back with the children. Because they had to find their way to their hunting grounds and back again, and because they had to make decisions and take actions quickly, the brains of the men evolved to favor that portion of the mind. Another way to look at this, however, is that while women can find objects within the home, men are better at leaving and relocating the home when they come back.

The researchers engaged in an interesting experiment. Could injecting male sex hormones into women cause them to be better with directions? The team used magnetic resonance imaging to analyze how men used directions and oriented themselves when finding a location. Interestingly, the hormones actually did seem to make a difference, and actually improved the women’s ability to orient themselves. Overall, men proved to be fully fifty percent better than women at dealing with directions. This is a genetic difference, ingrained by biology as much as it is cultural. It’s definitely the case that most societies are male-dominated, too, and there’s an evolutionary reason for this. Men are typically the more aggressive of the sexes, they are the more assertive, and they tend to innovate more. In other words, the modern world has been built by men. They are the ones who are most responsible for making something of the world, despite what popular culture has been telling you for several decades now.

Don’t believe us? Stop and really think about the messages that are peddled in social media, in television commercials, and in other popular entertainment today. We are repeatedly taught and told that men are the problem in all relationships, that they are stupid, that they are ridiculous, and that they are the butt of every joke. When a family on a commercial or a sitcom deals with the man of the house, he is always the idiot, always the one who everyone else makes fun of. From Home Simpson to Peter Griffin, from Tim Allen’s Home Improvement to Everybody Loves Raymond, and in all of popular entertainment today, the husband, father, and male of the house is always presented as a laughable idiot. In commercials and sitcoms especially, children are the ones with searing wit, and women are always way hotter than the guy has any right to be with. He pays for marrying or dating above his station, though, because the woman he is with treats him like garbage, sneers at him with contempt, and tells him what to do. There isn’t a single man on television today whose balls aren’t in his woman’s purse. This is how society likes to present its image of maleness. Any man who is not a complete pussy or a pushover is basically the villain of whatever show you’re watching… and we root for those villains precisely because we’re tired of the image of the male as weak.

Take, too, popular culture. Traditional masculinity and maleness, the things that make a man strong and manly, are considered bad and undesirable. When feminists are not bleating that every word and every sound and every action that has ever been spoken, made, or taken is somehow sexist and awful and representative of how society treats women badly, they’re whining about things that are supposedly unfair that simply aren’t true. Take, for example, the supposed pay gap. We’ve been told over and over again that women make less money than men for the same work, and this is supposed to be a sexist act of unfairness perpetrated by men in order to treat women unfairly. But the fact is that once you adjust for various factors, such as the fact that women voluntarily leave the workforce to have children, and that they get degrees in fields that often pay less than the degrees men get (say, getting a degree in gender studies instead of in engineering). Despite all these realities, and they are realities, men are always getting a bad rap. Men get the losing end of the stick in most cases of divorce and child custody. They get the losing end of most job applications, too; there’s a reason you have to identify yourself as a man, or rather, identify yourself as not a female, when you apply for most jobs today. It’s because every company knows it will benefit from government programs and favoritism if it hires more women than men. This turns the natural order of things on its ear and inevitably causes friction for everybody involved.

So what does this all mean? What does it come down to? Men like to be in the driver’s seat. They like to take charge, and they like to demonstrate to women that they are confident, self-assured, and capable. Make no mistake, either: Men who are confident and strong are the types of men that women really want, no matter what society tells you, and no matter how many skinny-leg-jeans-wearing Justin Biebers society tries to push on us as attractive. Have you noticed this drift in what is considered hip, male, and attractive? Maybe you have, and maybe you haven’t, but if you didn’t, were are constantly sold imagery of young men in tight, tapered pants and unthreatening clothes, clothes that are designed to make men look sexually neutral, even gender neutral. The whole point is that society is hostile to male sexuality and tries to unmake it or remake it whenever possible. It’s part of an almost organized attempt to make men seem less valuable or less important than they are in society. The whole field of “women’s empowerment” is part of that, and plays into it. It is designed to make women feel better about themselves at the expense of men’s self esteem, the result being that men generally aren’t given a fair shake.

For a man who lacks confidence, one who might be termed a “beta male,” rather than an “alpha male,” this message from society is actually fairly comforting. It means he doesn’t have to worry about being strong, about being confident, or about being self-assured. The message is insidious because it teaches that man something that is not true. It teaches him that the way to get to a woman, to impress a woman, to get in good with a woman and maybe even have a short-term or long-term relationship with her, is to bend over backwards to appease her. Men are taught to buy women gifts, do whatever they say, be obsequious and appeasing, and generally not to have any backbone at all. This is often disguised under lofty terms like “chivalry.” It’s just the right thing to do for a man to bow and scrape for a woman, society tells you. That’s how he shows everyone that he cares. That’s what a “good man” does. In fact, there’s an entire ridiculous men’s group called the “Good Man Project” that tries to teach men to behave like scraping, bowing pansies. None of the advice these people give will actually help a man find or land a woman. There’s a very good reason for this, too, and it’s as simple as it is timeless and universal: Women respect strength in a man like nothing else.

Sure, women will tell you they want a man who does whatever they say. They’ll even behave like that in a relationship, demanding that their man allow them to control him. But when a man gives in to that kind of pressure, when he allows his woman to push him around, browbeat him, treat him badly, and generally keep him under her thumb, something strange happens. It’s the opposite of what women will tell you that they want. They’ll start to become contemptuous of the man they are with. They won’t respect him more; if anything, they will respect him less. And over time, especially if this develops as the dynamic of a long-term relationship, the woman is very likely to develop real contempt for her weakling of a boyfriend or husband. This is the opposite of what you are told you are going to get by being a woman’s doormat. You’re told that by rejecting traditional masculinity and by behaving like a “male feminist,” you will somehow get in a woman’s good graces, building up enough “points” to be considered worthy of her. The reality is that a weakling of a man never gets in good with a woman. Sure, she may sleep with you, but she won’t respect you, and the weaker you become in her eyes, the worse off you will be.

This is why women always seem to want to be with “bad boys,” those men who are dangerous, wild, or just otherwise bad for them. You know the types. The average beta male is forever whining about how unfair the world is. He complains about being “friend-zoned” while a girl he likes takes up with a man who treats her poorly. The beta male says that, why, he would be nice to the girl in question; why can’t she see that? Why won’t she go out with him instead of the “bad boy,” who does not treat her right? Well, the reason that women seem to gravitate toward bad boys is that these are men first, before all else, and as a result they exhibit the qualities of strength and confidence that used to be associated with traditional maleness and which are now increasingly rare in today’s politically correct world. Women crave that masculinity. A strong man projects the qualities that they have come to associate with confidence and self-assurance. In ancient times, a woman who was with child had to depend on a male who was strong enough to protect her from various threats, both outside and within the group of humans where she lived. This evolutionary psychology has programmed women to desire strength and maleness because it’s what their minds, their bodies, and their subconscious tells them they need and want. A strong, even dangerous bad boy is preferable to a man who, while he may dote on her and treat her with respect, is ultimately perceived as a weakling. And she will always consider a man a weakling if she knows she can push him around.

So, what’s the solution to this problem? Well, first of all, if you want to be a man in today’s day an age — the kind of man who knows he doesn’t need to stop for directions because his sense of direction is superior to his woman’s — then you’ve got to reject what society tells you about who you are and what you should be willing to do and put up with when it comes to dating. You’ve got to, in fact, reject the entire dating model that is done traditionally, because down that road lies the traditional disappointment of becoming a simpering beta male. The weaker you make yourself compared to your woman, the more she will be displeased with you. Instead of getting into her good graces, you’ll only be setting yourself up for failure. and dating is itself a process that leaves a man at a disadvantage. What if you could solve all those problems by taking a simple step? What if you could discard the old way of doing things and find your own way in the world romantically? What if by doing this you could take back control of your romantic life, date on your terms, AND increase your confidence? Increasing your confidence will make you more desirable to women and thus make it easier for you to pick up whomever you want… which in turn increases your confidence. It’s the opposite of a vicious cycle; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. So how do you do this? How do you make this happen for you?

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