Can She Drink You Under The Table?

While being able to imbibe a great deal of alcohol doesn’t really say anything about you other than that you’ve already had a great deal of alcohol and built up a tolerance to it, we still tend to associate the ability to do a lot of drinking with some kind of advantage or skill. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe there’s another reason some people can drink more than others? Could it be there is a difference in your very physical makeup compared to say, your girlfriend? Or could it be simply a cultural trend, and a self-fulfilling prophecy? After all, the more often you drink, the more you can stand to drink at one sitting before the gears reverse on you. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something science can tell us about the differences between guys and their ladies when it comes to drinking alcohol.
According to a new study by the National Institute of Health, women in America are drinking more alcohol than ever before, while men have started to cut back. The study looked at a lot of different factors, such as the number of days per month that a person drank, and even whether the people involved were tagged for drunk driving or other issues. The study found that while men still consume more alcohol than women, women are working hard to close the gap. The obvious implication is that women may well be at risk for alcohol-related health problems. There’s also no clear reason why the change is occurring. In other words, people aren’t sure why women are increasing their alcohol consumption and men are cutting back. It’s possible that there could be multiple reasons for this. So the question remains: Can your lady drink you under the table? Probably not. But if you’re like most men, you want a girl who will party with you and enjoy being with you. You want a woman who doesn’t turn up her nose at a good time. But that kind of woman can be very difficult to find in today’s world.

There is a famous song that says, essentially, that you don’t want a woman in your life who doesn’t drink, if you’re a drinker. That’s because it’s very difficult to stay on the same page with someone who doesn’t share an interest in something that is critical to you. Specifically, we all have that friend who doesn’t drink, if we do, and they’re always the party killer. When they come over, the party grinds to a halt, or those who want to enjoy themselves feel a certain dampening of their enthusiasm when the non-drinker comes around. In some respects, this is unavoidable. Not everyone drinks, nor should everyone try to do so. It’s a personal choice and if you’ve never enjoyed doing it, or you used to overdo it and you had to quit, that’s completely understandable. We certainly aren’t saying you have to be a drinker. But on some levels this isn’t about drinking at all. It’s about partying. There is a party lifestyle that some embrace and some do not. And when partying is your job, when that’s how you make your money, then you have to be willing to take it to the next level. Each and every one of our Vegas escorts is a professional entertainer who understands how important it is to be able to party like there’s no tomorrow, each and every night, night after night and week after week. You might think that sounds pretty demanding, and you’d be right. It’s not easy standing up to that kind of pressure. It’s a lot more of a job than most people think, although it definitely has its advantages over what we traditionally think of as employment. And that, of course, is what attracts our young ladies to the profession and keeps them coming back. Let us explain.

Take a look through the pages on our website that showcase each and every one of our lovely escorts. Well, no, that’s not entirely accurate. Not all of the girls available to us, and therefore to you, are listed on our pages. We maintain an extended network of beautiful young women who are the best the Vegas area has to offer. Some of our girls are listed here on our website for you to examine and select from, but there are others who do not appear here for whatever reason. Some of them are just not listed yet because we haven’t yet had time to take properly sexy photos or gather their bio information. Some of them have asked not to appear on the website because they are in such high demand that they actually would have to turn away clients if we showed their pictures to too many people. And some are simply discreet and they like to maintain total confidentiality and privacy. (If you are interested in complete and total confidentiality, incidentally, you have come to the right place.) But regardless of the reason, when you look through our website at the profiles of our girls, we want you to really take your time. We want you to familiarize yourself with each of them and decide which of them is the type of sexy that turns you on the most. There’s a very important reason for this.

Yes, all of our girls are drop-dead gorgeous. We wouldn’t have them on staff if they weren’t. That’s just the type of high standards we maintain here at Vegas Fantasy Babes. But we know that every guy is different. Every guy has different fantasies, different preferences, and different types of things that drive him wild. For example, are you into vivacious, sexy blondes? Well, we have plenty of golden-haired beauties. Something about blondes has always turned men on, and we are no stranger to that phenomenon. If the idea of hitting the town with a gorgeous, stacked blonde woman has always been your dream, then you can have that dream fulfilled through us. No matter what you are looking for, no matter who you find most attractive, when you select from among our gorgeous ladies, you are certain to find success and satisfaction. But perhaps blondes aren’t your favorite. Don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid to admit it. Everyone has different preferences and our ladies certainly won’t hold it against you if you decide there is someone you like and she has qualities you’re not currently finding. Just look through the profile pages and examine the bio sections to see who you like most. Who turns you on? Who gets your motor running?

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When you book one of our incredible escorts, you get the opportunity to go out with the sexy lady of your choice, for the duration of the booking. She’s all yours. She will focus on you completely and give you a night unlike any you have known before. If, when you go through our profile pages, you aren’t satisfied, as in, you don’t see a woman who exactly matches your fantasies, then you just go ahead and let us know. Contact us and describe for us what you are looking for. The more detail you give us, the better able we will be to help you. And the more lead time we have before your booking is to commence, the better able we will be to address special requests. That’s right: If you like something specific, you need only let us know. We know that if you were to take a hundred of your buddies and ask them to rank the women on our website, they would acknowledge that all of them are attractive, but each one of those guys would have a different set of preferences. You would get a hundred and one lists, if not more. Female attractiveness is one of those things that is very subjective and varies from person to person. There are, however, certain standards, and our young ladies meet those standards and then some.

So, are you a drinker? Are you a partier? You’ll be pleased to know that all our girls are certified party girls. They’ve all embraced the constant party lifestyle that is part of being a Vegas escort. Think about it. They say that what happens in this city stays in this city. Vegas is known the world over for its wild party life, its night life, its tourist attractions. There are any number of things to do here, from gambling to shows to burlesque to the incredible Vegas strippers. If you’re into adult entertainment, if you’re into things that are exciting, stimulating, and erotic, then there’s no better place to go for this type of entertainment than Las Vegas. We encourage everyone to come here and enjoy it. And the beauty of our service is that it simply enhances what you are already doing and enjoying. You know that going out and experiencing Vegas in all its glory is fun and exciting. But now imagine that you can go out and enjoy Las Vegas with a sexy, beautiful woman on your arm. Wouldn’t you enjoy the sights, sounds, and thrills of Las Vegas that much more if you could do it with a sexy lady on your arm?

Well, now that you’ve had time to consider the idea, just consider this. We know that you have certain expectations of your lovely Las Vegas escort. If you want to get out there and enjoy the city, party down and paint the town red, she is ready for you. We know that in some cases, you have been waiting for years to fulfill your fantasies of booking a sexy, top-shelf Vegas escort. Going out with her is a dream come true, and that means we have to meet and exceed your expectations if you are going to go home happy and satisfied. You need your Vegas escort to be happy, friendly, fresh, and engaging. She’s got to be able to give you her complete and total attention and focus when she’s with you. She’s got to have the energy and stamina to be “up” all the time, to bring you an exciting good time. And she has to be able to enjoy herself, genuinely and honestly. Every guy feels the same about a woman simply going through the motions or pretending to have a good time: He doesn’t like the idea. Most guys can tell when someone is simply pretending to enjoy being with them. No man wants to be tolerated. He wants to be with a woman who really is enjoying being with him. He wants to know that she is having a great time just like he is. When he feels that, when he gets that feedback, he can enjoy himself that much more. He can really indulge himself and enjoy his night out on the town as a result.

Our girls are carefully screened to make sure they have the energy and stamina needed to provide you with the escort experience you are looking for. We always make sure they can take on a leadership role if need be too, because when you go out with one of our girls, she is responsible for making sure your date stays on track and you enjoy yourself. If anything goes wrong, she will correct it. This has the effect of removing from your life a great deal of stress and anxiety. Stop and think about it: Most dates are incredibly stressful because you have to account for things that are completely beyond your control. You have to make sure that nothing goes wrong, that you don’t utter a word she’ll disagree with, that you don’t express any opinions she’ll find offensive, and that she is having a good time. You do all this because you are hoping to secure future dates with her. Those strings of dates will hopefully end up in some kind of relationship, as far as you know. You’ve been taught that this is how you do things, that this is how you attract a woman and find yourself with a girlfriend. But the fact is that trying to find someone that way is just going to frustrate you and take too long. Booking one of our girls means you get the feminine companionship you want, with none of the hassles of the traditional dating game. And if you’re a drinker, you’re all set, because your young lady wants to party and wants to make sure you have a good time.

Each one of our incredible party girls knows what it’s like to make going out and having a great time the way she earns her living. She’s been carefully selected, and along the way, some of her fellow would-be escorts haven’t made the cut. That’s because when a girl can’t hold up to the lifestyle that is partying all the time, enjoying yourself and having fun no matter what day of the week or time of day it might be, then she doesn’t stay on staff here. We always make sure our girls have what it takes… and that extends to how they treat you. We screen our girls very carefully for their ability to be discreet, therefore, because this is such an integral part of who they are as people and how they provide the service you are looking for. From the first time you get in touch with us, we are jealously guarding your data. We don’t store anything on you, so you don’t need to be concerned about ending up on some spammer’s autodial list. We figure the best way to make sure your information doesn’t get “hacked” is not to keep it on our computers in the first place, right? But our protection of your privacy extends to well beyond that.

For one thing, we never discuss our clients with anyone outside the company. The way we see it, who you choose to spend your time with, romantic or otherwise, is really nobody’s business. It’s yours alone, and that means it deserves to be safeguarded. So we make sure nobody is ever told anything about the clients who choose to book escorts with us. There are lots of reasons you might not want anyone knowing you used an escort service, and we completely understand. That’s why our commitment to your privacy is so total. But we also make sure our girls are trained to maintain that confidentiality. They, too, will never speak of what they know about you, including the fact that you used our service, with anyone else. But we go the extra step and ask them also not to gossip among themselves about our clients. This prevents any information about you from ever being spread around. It’s the best way to ensure privacy for all concerned. There’s a very specific reason we work to maintain your privacy the way we do, and that’s also a very simple thing: We know that you need to be able to relax.

You have to be able to relax because only when you are relaxed and at ease can you really enjoy your booking. This is total stress relief. It is a getaway from your normal, day to day life. Going out with one of our gorgeous ladies is something new and different. In order to enjoy it to its fullest, you have to be able to relax, and if you can’t relax, you can’t have fun. Well, nothing is more relaxing than knowing your visit with your Vegas escort is discreet and confidential. And each one of our lovely young ladies is practiced at putting a man at ease so that he can truly sit back and have fun. Your pleasure, your satisfaction, is what we care about most. We will always take steps to ensure that this happens for you. We care that much, and we respect you that much.

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