Study Says All Women Are Bisexual!

There are different physiological indicators of arousal, and these were used to verify whether a given test subject, all of them women, was aroused or not aroused by what she saw. Don’t be misled by the term “arousal,” of course; this was an indication of interest, not something akin to the opening moments of foreplay. But the study nonetheless taught us something very interesting about the nature of female sexuality.
It seems that when women are shown pictures of attractive women, no matter how these women identify sexually, as straight or as lesbians, they all find women sexually attractive to some degree. Even the women who identified as straight experienced arousal when looking at attractive women. This means that every woman, at least according to the study, is capable of finding another woman attractive. Interestingly, the same is not true for men. Men tend to fall on the sexual spectrum as either straight, bisexual, or gay, with the latter two areas much closer together. In other words, you’re either a straight guy, or you’re closer to being gay than not. Men don’t demonstrate the same sexual fluidity that women do, although of course there are both gay and straight men just as there are… or were thought to be… gay and straight women. It turns out that there are only bisexual women who have made out with other women and bisexual women who aren’t.

This may explain a social issue that has vexed sociologists and other analysis for many years. It is a fact in our society that men who are bisexual are looked down on by society. They are seen as less than men, and less than fully masculine. Women, on the other hand, are encouraged to be bisexual. It’s a fact that women with women have been a staple of the adult entertainment industry for many years — probably for as long as there has been adult entertainment. And a famous shock jock who for years dominated the airwaves was fond of saying that “lesbians equal ratings.” He understood that straight men find women being together a very stimulating, very sexy thing. Men appreciating seeing the fairer sex together, and that’s just a fact of reality. So what does this mean for you?

Well, on some level, you have probably always fantasized about being with two women at the same time. This was in part because every man loves to feel like he’s getting the undivided attention of multiple women. Where one woman is fun and exciting, multiple women are that much more so. You see this effect multiplied when it comes to the kinds of rich men who are always posting pictures of themselves to social media with their scantily clad companions. There is, in fact, an odd subculture of affluent men who post to social media and seem to be dueling or feuding with each other. Each one is trying to outdo the other with ostentatious displays of wealth. Each one is trying to impress not just you, the random viewer of the social media account, but also his fellow affluent social media participants. When viewed from that angle, it is almost kind of sad, that these men with so much wealth and presumed power spend so much time fighting for “likes” and “favorites” on social media, trying to get the recognition of their peers and their fans. But what is it that unites all these social media narcissists, regardless of all the money they throw around? They love to take pictures and videos of themselves with their expensive cars, with their mansions, and with guns and other accessories, not to mention piles and piles of cash… but what they take pictures of most often are sexy women.

Why do you suppose that is? Why is the ultimate status symbol for wealthy men not hundred thousand dollar sports cars, but scantily clad babes? And why is it that just one sexy women is never enough; these men are always surrounded by a small army of half-naked women, some of whom can always be counted to be draped all over each other and practically making out with each other? There are several reasons for this. One is the most obviously cynical: Social media is a game unto itself. It is a game played for profit. Do you remember when Charlie Sheen had his “winning” year of self-destruction, right after losing his television show and famous imploding? He started traveling in the company of not one, not two, but three porn stars, all of whom he called his “goddesses.” Now, a man who can get any woman he wants with his vast wealth, including some of the sexiest women in the world, could easily just be showing off a single girl, but Sheen wasn’t satisfied with just one. He needed three, and needed the world to know that he was with multiple women. There was also, of course, the implication that those “goddesses” were doing things with each other, which just amped up the sexual tension and made it seem like he was that much more awesome.

All of Sheen’s pretenses to “winning” came crashing down when he was discovered to be HIV positive. Apparently, to those who knew him, this was not a huge shock, as his lifestyle had become increasingly out of hand over the years. Sheen was famously implicated in a high priced call girl scandal many years ago, when it was revealed he was spending thousands of dollars on very expensive, very well vetted, very highly polished professional working girls. IT seems that down through the years he just got more extreme, and there have even been allegations that tapes exist of Sheen performing sexually with other men (which might explain how he contracted HIV, apart from his many years of drug abuse). But Sheen’s antics also call to mind another very famous man who was known for his hedonistic lifestyle: Hugh Hefner.

If you don’t know, Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, was legendary in the sixties and seventies for the wild sex parties that took place at the Playboy Mansion. More recently, Hefner and his three girlfriends were the stars of a reality show that chronicled their surprisingly mundane lives. The show seemed to revolve more around whether Hefner’s favorite girl would eventually become his wife. Ultimately, all of the three girlfriends moved on to greener (and younger) pastures, and Hefner himself eventually got married (again). But Hefner’s devotion to his three girlfriends for as long as they lasted (it has been alleged that for years he has maintained a rotating stable of girls, and even sampled many of the young ladies who have graced the pages of Playboy) begs the question: Why did he do it? The simplest answer is because he could, but why, then, would he expose his private life to the reality television circuit? Why would he want the world to know that he was bedding three or more women, or that these women might be getting it on with each other?

The reason is the same reason that the social media playboys post about their lavish lifestyles. They want the status that comes with it. They want to be seen as virile, powerful men. They want to be known as the type of men who command the attention of not just one, but multiple women, and of course the added sexual excitement that comes from picturing those hot women together is enough to get more people looking, noticing, and being impressed. It’s all about status and social capital, and the more you are seen with sexy ladies, the more perceived capital you have.

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We talked to one of our incredible new escorts, Desiree, who is one of the young women in our extended escort network. Desiree is an avowed bisexual who is very proud of who she is, and she was happy to talk to us about how she feels about her sexuality. She was more than happy to share with us her most intimate thoughts. She’s not a shy girl by any means, as all of our ladies are outgoing, friendly girls who know that their job is to make their clients happy. Desiree is, nonetheless, perhaps a bit more free than most with information about her personal life, what she loves, and what she finds romantic and sexy.

“I just love the feel of a man,” she says. “I love his smell. I love how sexy and masculine men feel. When a man folds his arms around you and tells you that you’re all his, it’s one of the most incredible feelings in the world. Men are just… hard and macho and wonderful. And no matter how confident a guy is or is not, I know that with some encouragement, he can be exactly the sort of confident and self-assured man he has always wanted to be. Most men, they just need some encouragement. You plant a long, loving kiss on them, you get close to them, you whisper into their ear to tell them how great they are, and it’s amazing how they react. You’d swear they get taller right in front of you. I love see a man find his talent and courage that way. I love to be close to men. I guess it’s fair to say I just love men, period. That’s the beauty of being bisexual. I get the best of both possible worlds but I don’t have to deny myself anything. I’ve always been an indulgent sort of girl. I don’t do well, trying to deny myself things.”

She goes on, “In this industry, it’s not uncommon for women to kind of pretend to be bisexual, or at least hint that it’s an option. They know that women with women is something that turns on most men, and they want to take advantage of that power, that forbidden attraction. I like to think that not too many girls do that for that long, because it can be exhausting to be false all the time, but the reality is that it does happen. I would hate to be that sort of person, honestly. I always try to be honest with myself. And the fact is that I just love being with women. Women are so soft, and supple, and wonderful. When a woman puts her lips on yours, it’s the most intimate feeling in the world. And exploring a woman’s body is very hot because it’s both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. It’s familiar for obvious reasons. She’s a sexy woman, just like me. But it’s unfamiliar and alien because it’s another woman’s body. It’s unconquered territory. I like to put my hands all over a naked woman’s body and just really let her know that I’ve conquered her. She’s mine now, and we’re going to be together for however long we enjoy each other, and we’re going to press our bodies together and enjoy how sexy and cozy that can feel.”

Desiree is frank about what it takes to stay hot and attractive as an escort. “It’s a full time job,” she admits. “I go to the gym and I work out. I also do workouts at home. I’m not looking to develop one of those super muscular bodies that makes me look like a man. I just want to stay tight and toned. I want to maintain my feminine curves. I definitely don’t want to let myself go because if I’m not hot, I lose value. My job is based on my ability to turn men on. If I can’t turn them on, I can’t make them happy, and if I can’t make them happy, I can’t fulfill my assignments. I am all about doing a great job. I have to. It’s very important that I be the sort of woman that every man wants and every woman wants to be. I need to command that kind of attention… and that kind of envy. When a woman can make you horny, make you want her, make you desire to be close to her, man or woman, it doesn’t matter. She has real power over you, and that power is intoxicating. It’s what makes this job so rewarding. I think everyone likes power, and being an escort is what has given me more power than I ever felt in my life. I command attention. I can get people to follow me and do things for me.”

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